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The Cult's Firewoman Renee Beach Q&A

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If one day you have free time, please tell us about the show in 1987 in Denmark, when the band came on stage to play a series of cover songs. In 88, there was a jam session with Guns N Roses, the Scrap Bar in New York, playing covers of Black Sabbath and Aerosmith, a presentation to a few people, at 4 o'clock in the morning? You can count on this meeting of musicians to play at a time when the U.S. was winning huge audiences in rock concerts? This event, more intimate, to small audiences, it allowed musicians to do whatever they wanted, without worrying about the weather more rigorous mega musical productions? Thanxs! :)


Hi Luiz,

Yes, good times!!

Ian and the boys would often be all fired up after a show..

They had so much energy..

The Cult would literally play all night if they could.. soo they did!

The boys would spill into the streets after a show and hunt down a cool local bar somewhere with a stage in the corner and continued playing all night!

The poor bar owners.. they knew R&R history was taking place.. and stayed open all night.. with beer in the tea pots lol

Ian was majikal he would shoot from the hip and ad-lib like no one else.. Janis, Jim, Jimmy would be proud..

In 87,88 The Cult were quickly becoming too big for the venues they were playing, they were bringing the walls down from town to town around the world..

By the time Ian and I met/found GnR in a night club in London UK, we snatched them up, took them under our wing.. and then a new kinna majik & history took place... GnR were our kids..

That's... a whole... other question & story ;)

good times roll ...




Renee I got a question for you regarding the Electric-era tour with GNR. Is it true that you put his trademark scarf on Axl Rose's head for the first time


Hi Mert,

Thank you for your question..

Yes, I put the headband on Axl Rose..

What happened.. was I was finishing up a haircut with Axl

in his dressing room.. during The Cult tour.. GnR was not supposed to go on stage for another hour.. then a panicked crew member banged on the door and said Hey! You guys er on!! What?? No! Ahh! Damn! Umm.. Axl freaked! "I can't go like this"!!

Actually to me Axl's hair was smooth, healthy, shiny and looked awesome ;)

But noo way! "That ain't Rock n Roll"!! Axl's look at the time was like ala Hanoi Rocks! not sleek, nor flat to his head..

Thinking quickly I ran to The Cult's

dressing room, grabbed Ians old smeggy handkerchief from

his flight case, ran back, folded it up and placed it on Axl's head..

We stared.. Axl said "not bad but I look like a pin head"! Umm ok.. Try this! A Cult merch trucker cap over the head band and of course backwards! eek!

There you have it! Next thing you know there was 10,000 kids

outside each Cult/ GnR show with long hair, smeggy

headbands, and backwards trucker caps!




This is all there is GNR related - but would be cool if some of you greatly knowledgeable cats could throw in some questions...

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Interesting. But how can we prove that it really happened?

My English teacher from high school claimed to have given Jim Morrison the necklace he's wearing on that iconic photo of him on the cover of the Best of the Doors. But did she really? No way to prove it. But if she was close enough to give him a necklace....I bet that's not all she gave him!:fingers-crossed: (She was kinda foxy back in the 60's.)

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Hahaha.. Thats awesome... Jim is the bomb.. So epic.. I want that belt !!! But yeah, I guess there's really no way to prove it... Guess it does'nt have to be.. It doesn't matter that much to me.. It is what it is... :)

I asked her about what she knows of GNR and what she thought of the guys etc..

Hopefully she'll be kind enough to provide an answer.. :)

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