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Halo: Mafia Edition

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The Damned
1. IceMan24 - Prophet of Truth (Mafia Boss) - Day 3 Lynch
2. Hans Moleman - Carter (Town) - Night 5 Kill
3. Arnold Layne - Kat (Town) - Night 1 Kill
4. Saphire - Emile (Town) - Day 5 Lynch
5. Broskirose - 343 Guilty Spark
6. The Sandman - The Arbiter
7. InThisRiver - Dr Catherine Halsey (Town DOC) - Night 2 Kill
8. White_Raven - Tartarus (Mafia) - Day 1 Lynch
9. JearBear - Jun (Town) - Day 4 Modkill
10. Android✪ - Master Chief (Town) - Night 4 Kill
11. Dazed&Confused Catch Her in the Rye - Jorge (Town) - Day 7 Kill
12. John Bonham - Noble 6 (Town) - Day 4 Lynch
13. Conor - Buck (Town) - Day 2 Lynch
14. Randy Lahey - Dare (Town) - Day 6 Lynch
15. Sleeping Like An Angel - Prophet of Regret (Mafia) - Night 3 Kill
16. Bacardimayne - Mickey (Town) - Night 6 Kill
17. Tottenham - Romeo (TOWN) - Day 1 Lynch
18. 3rd Wheel - Prophet of Mercy (Mafia) - Night 2 Kill
19. To The Moon - Cortana (Town) - Night 4 Kill
20. Ronaldo9 - Avery Johnson (Town Cop) - Night 3 Kill

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As the war continued throughout space. The fight was close to Earth for the first time ever. As the Covenant threatened the extinction of humankind, The United Nations Space Command (UNSC) decided their last hope was to come to some sort of Treaty with the Covenant. They sent message to the Leaders of the Covenant, Leaders known as "prophets". They agreed to this meeting, but they wanted it to be in neutral territory, So it was decided that this meeting would take place in a ship, suspended in the middle of space. With no other covenant or UNSC around for lightyears.

This meeting would decide the fate of both Humankind and Covenant-kind. The UNSC knew that this meeting would not happen they way they want it to. So they decided that they would attempt to kill the Covenant Leaders. The Covenant were obviously thinking the same.

There is 20 people on the ship.
11 votes for a lynch

Day 2 Starts Here
Day 3 Starts Here
Day 4 Starts Here
Day 5 Starts Here
Day 6 Starts Here
Final Posts are located Here
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Simpler, abridged rules:

1. Stick to your assigned role, and read it carefully. If you have questions regarding your role send the game moderator a PM.

2. You may not quote PM's in the game thread. This includes manufacturing fake PM's.

3. Communication between players is limited to the game thread and during the day only. Your PM with your role information will inform you if you can talk to another player via PM. If you are unsure of what the day is please PM the game moderator.

4. Editing or deleting your posts is strictly prohibited.

5. Please bold your votes.


Official Vote: Ronaldo9

Unvote: Ronaldo9

6. Once a character is lynched, night begins. Posting in the game thread at night is strictly prohibited. Posting includes, but is not limited to, thoughts on the lynch, bumping, omg!!! etc. This rule will be strictly enforced. If you post during the night there will be penalties. No exceptions

7. Players with night roles are encouraged to send the moderator PM's ASAP. If they do not receive your PM in a timely manner, expect your power for that night forfeited. There will be a warning when the time is taking too long.

8. Do not post after you are dead.

9. The moderator is the only one to make official vote counts.

10. Please post. If something comes up where you will not be able to post please let the game moderator know.

Mafia game references

All Previous Mafia games can be found here.

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Bolded the vote example
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