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Mafia Game Rules.

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For those new to Mafia who are confused with how to play the game, below are the standard set of Mafia rules as set out by December Pain in his first Mafia game.

Keep any questions regarding the rules in this thread and we will try and answer them as best we can.

"Be forewarned that this game will take alot of time and reading, so If your'e not into that and cannot devote alot of time to these boards I strongly advise you pass on this game. Let me explain the rules:

*Disclaimer: Mafia game rules are not set in stone, these are merely a guideline to help new players get to grips with the game. Game mods will adapt rules to suit their game so the below rules are not strict.*


In Mafia, there is a certain number of players, divided into two groups: the Town, and the Mafia. If you are a member of the town, you win if, at any point, all mafia members are dead. If you are a member of the Mafia, you win if the Mafia ever comprises a majority of the remaining players. (For example, if there are three mafia members and two town members left, the mafia wins.) The way you go about this is simple: you kill off people you don't like.

Here's how it works:

Each game 'day' is divided into day and night. During the day, players post in the thread, trying to decide which members of the town are really members of the mafia. Each player gets one vote per day, and whenever one player has a majority of the town's votes, that player is lynched by the town, and is eliminated. Votes look like this:

Official Vote: Madison

Please bold your votes for them to be counted.

If later, you decide to change your vote, post this:

Unvote: Madison

During the day, the town tries to decide who is acting like a mafioso, and debates about who to lynch. However, the mafia will try to mislead the town into lynching a town member instead.

After a player is lynched, the day ends, and it becomes night. No player may post during the night. During the night, the mafia chooses one player to hit, and will PM me their choice. That player is killed, and eliminated. Also during the night, some players may have night abilities (detailed after the game begins. If they wish to use these, they PM me with their actions during the night.

There are two night abilities which are part of every mafia game and they are the Doctor and the Cop.

Each night, the doctor selects one player to protect other than themselves. That player cannot be killed during the night, either by the mafia hit, or by any other night abilities. The cop chooses one player to investigate. The next morning, the cop will learn whether that player is aligned to the town, or to the mafia.

Players with beneficial night abilities like this would be best to keep them secret, so as not to become instant targets for the mafia. Therefore, it's usually best to keep your abilities secret for at least the first portion of the game.

After all night abilities have been received, the next day will begin. I will post in the thread the obvious results of the night actions, such as who was killed and whether they were mafia or town; however, I will not tell you who killed who. The point of the game is figuring out who, after all.

Also, no outside communication is allowed by town members. The mafia, however, can communicate with other mafia members via PM, e-mail, or whatever. The mafia knows who is in the mafia and who is in the town, but each town member is ignorant of what alignment anyone has except themselves.

Also, there is to be absolutely no editing of your posts! I cannot stress this enough. If you edit your post, you may be hiding information that you accidently revealed but did not want to. That is why you must be very careful in what you say! Double posts are allowed if you forget some information and want to include it.

Play continues in this day/night sequence until either side's victory condition is met, at which point the game is over.

Remember, this will be a rather long-term game, so if you won't be able to commit some time to this game, please, don't sign up."

If there are any questions regarding the rules please feel free to ask.

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For the newbies who have never played a Mafia game before or those who are still new to the game, here are a few guides you might find useful while you're getting acquainted to playing Mafia.

How To Play/ Get Better At Mafia.

Flash Introduction To Mafia (For Newbies).

The Beginners Guide To Being Awesome At Mafia.

If there are any problems or questions you have feel free to leave them below.

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Taken from TTM's thread:


Simpler, abridged rules:

1. Stick to your assigned role, and read it carefully. If you have questions regarding your role send the game moderator a PM.

2. You may not quote PM's in the game thread. This includes manufacturing fake PM's.

3. Communication between players is limited to the game thread and during the day only. Your PM with your role information will inform you if you can talk to another player via PM. If you are unsure of what the day is please PM the game moderator.

4. Editing or deleting your posts is strictly prohibited.

5. Please bold your votes.


Official Vote: Ronaldo9

Unvote: Ronaldo9

6. Lynching will be done different in this game. After a set time limit I will ask the members to place a vote. All votes made before this request are NOT VALID. Lynching will occur upon majority vote.

7. Once a character is lynched, night begins. Posting in the game thread at night is strictly prohibited. Posting includes, but is not limited to, thoughts on the lynch, bumping, omg!!! etc. This rule will be strictly enforced. If you post during the night there will be penalties. No exceptions

8. Players with night roles are encouraged to send the moderator PM's ASAP. If they do not receive your PM in a timely manner, expect your power for that night forfeited. There will be a warning when the time is taking too long.

9. Do not post after you are dead.

10. The moderator is the only one to make official vote counts.

11. Please post. If something comes up where you will not be able to post please let the game moderator know.

Mafia game references

December Pain Futurama

Haunted Hotel mafia0

Kevin South Park Maf

3rd Wheel Mario Maf

Max Simpsons maf

Sandman Star Wars maf

ttm movie maf

DLMF Saw maf

ronaldo godfather maf

Kevin GNR maf

Dpain Adventure Island Maf

Arnold Layne mygnr maf

For future reference.

Equally - I think breaking it down to just town and mafia makes it difficult... independent roles for instance mess up that definition.

Otherwise great mate!

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Post seems to have been deleted?

But it may be useful to have a breakdown of roles:


Nice flash version:

Mafia Roles

Just because the naive cop confused a lot of people.


that's all in the original links he posted :whistleing:

Just direct links following that for ease of access for a new player. You don't want to be greeted by a wall of text really. Just trying to make it easier for newer players :shrugs2:

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I did ask TTM if I could use his rules but he told me to use DPain's rules from his first game as they were more indepth :canofworms:

the way I have the voting rule is different from the normal way so I know mine isn't 100% correct


yes the one sandman has from my game isn't 100% official. if I remember soon I will make an official abridged version that has the best of both worlds

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For the newbies who have never played a Mafia game before or those who are still new to the game, here are a few guides you might find useful while you're getting acquainted to playing Mafia.

How To Play/ Get Better At Mafia.

Flash Introduction To Mafia (For Newbies).

The Beginners Guide To Being Awesome At Mafia.

If there are any problems or questions you have feel free to leave them below.

beware ,malicious trojan linked :thumbsdown:

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