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The Music Kicks In



*Stuart Scott*

On February 15th, 2007 at 5:54 p.m. it had just begun. Then unfamiliar mygnrforum member December Pain made one single post-

hello everybody, and welcome to the newest and (hopefully) best forum game to ever grace this website: MAFIA

The rest was history.

For those too young to remember, in December Pain’s “Futurama” game it was 3rd Wheel who stepped up and played one of the more memorable performances in mafia history, not only getting the Mafia win for Maximo, Critical Solution and Paranoid Android, but by also flying SOLO on day 8, and tricking ronaldo9 into thinking Bach was most certainly mafia.

Since the major success of that first game, many great mafia players have come and gone over the years. The Sandman, conqueso, Iceman - these mafia players have had many successes. But it would be hard to argue that any other player has ever had the career quite like to the moon. After a long roller coaster of a 7 game career, and coming off his indy MVP Championship with John Bonham in Arnold Layne’s “mygnrforum mafia”, today, to the moon finally hangs up the keyboard and calls it quits.

He is hosting his retirement press conference from his mansion in Miami, ESPN’s own Jackie McMullen is standing by - Jackie, what’s the atmosphere like over there?


*laughing* well as you can see Stu EVERYONE has come out the wood works for this one

*Maximo yells* I’d like to seek the shop! *walks out of frame*

*more laughing* All the usual suspects like Kevin, 3rd wheel, Spark the determination (Android*), and also many of the “forgotten” members like Paranoid Android, mask man and rocket queen are all in attendance today. Even the “new class” of mafia came to show their respet. The biggest surprise came at about 9 am this morning when the first person I saw upon arriving was a rather familiar morbidity obese emo guy, you guys at home might know him as jack the ripper.

When I saw that Stu, I knew that EVERYONE from mafia had shown up for this momentous occasion.

*listens to ear piece* *speaks softly*

Alright Stu well the press conference is about to begin, I’m told that mafia hall of famer darkstar legend is at the podium showing support and praise as to the moon calls it a mafia career, after 4 years.


Darkstar Legend finishing his speech - “some know him as Mr. Chode Burglar, others as Gnr Bar. Today for one last time, lets give it up for to the moon.



Silence fills the room

To the moon starts to choke up, he is obviously nervous. He takes a BIG gulp of water.

After much silence he speaks - Thank you, thank you all for coming. I only have one regret when it comes to mafia…

And before to the moon could finish his statement the lights cut out and THREE LOUD GUNSHOTS went off.

Amongst the darkness it was mayhem. Kissable Kate’s nervous screaming could be heard throughout the room. Mutant Rose sat still in her seat in the darkness, praying for everyone’s safety. Somebody in the back kept repeating “if you eat your chicken tenders I will suck your penis!”.

Sweetness finally finds the light switch and turns it on.


To the moon lay in his seat, gasping for air and living on a prayer

“Oh my god!” - gnrfan001

“Somebody call an ambulane!” magicman screamed.


3rd Wheel closes the back door to the ambulance and it drives away. He takes a cloth out of his pocket and cleans his glasses off.

“Will he be ok?” - Tbizzle said like he actually cared

3rd Wheel, grimly “it doesn’t look good.”

“good fuck that dude. He is clearly just an asshole anyway” - broskierose

“WHAT KIND OF SICK SON OF A BITCH WOULD DO THIS SHIT!!” exclaimed Kevin with his sailor moon t shirt on

“I’m not sure”, Conqueso thought to himself, “but I sure as hell will find out”

“What are we going to do?” said gina9

“well chaps, it‘s not what we are going to do, but what we HAVE TO DO” the Sandman chimed in. “we have to roll our sleeves, and go BALLS DEEP. We have to figure out who did this? WHO WANTS OUR MATE TO THE MOON DEAD?”

rdubbs looking amongst the possibly guilty faces “We all know that it could of been any one of us! He did happen to piss a lot of people off over the years. It’s going to take forever to figure that out.”

“Oh well” Max said *shrugs shoulders*“we got nothing else better to do”




It is now day 1. GO!

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The Music Kicks In *Stuart Scott* On February 15th, 2007 at 5:54 p.m. it had just begun. Then unfamiliar mygnrforum member December Pain made one single post- The rest was history. F

DELETED SCENES: 1. The Monolith meets mask man When I first started the game up I was really obsessed with 2001: A Space Odyssey so I almost wrote the appearance of a monolith on the Island that mas

approx 15 hr 42 min 16 sec


Simpler, abridged rules:

1. Stick to your assigned role, and read it carefully. If you have questions regarding your role send the game moderator a PM.

2. You may not quote PM's in the game thread. This includes manufacturing fake PM's.

3. Communication between players is limited to the game thread and during the day only. Your PM with your role information will inform you if you can talk to another player via PM. If you are unsure of what the day is please PM the game moderator.

4. Editing or deleting your posts is strictly prohibited.

5. Please bold your votes.


Official Vote: Ronaldo9

Unvote: Ronaldo9

6. Lynching will be done different in this game. After a set time limit I will ask the members to place a vote. All votes made before this request are NOT VALID. Lynching will occur upon majority vote.

7. Once a character is lynched, night begins. Posting in the game thread at night is strictly prohibited. Posting includes, but is not limited to, thoughts on the lynch, bumping, omg!!! etc. This rule will be strictly enforced. If you post during the night there will be penalties. No exceptions

8. Players with night roles are encouraged to send the moderator PM's ASAP. If they do not receive your PM in a timely manner, expect your power for that night forfeited. There will be a warning when the time is taking too long.

9. Do not post after you are dead.

10. The moderator is the only one to make official vote counts.

11. Please post. If something comes up where you will not be able to post please let the game moderator know.

Mafia game references

December Pain Futurama

Haunted Hotel mafia0

Kevin South Park Maf

3rd Wheel Mario Maf

Max Simpsons maf

Sandman Star Wars maf

ttm movie maf

DLMF Saw maf

ronaldo godfather maf

Kevin GNR maf

Dpain Adventure Island Maf

Arnold Layne mygnr maf


1) Tottenham - killed by poison - night 2 - mafia boss

2) Arnold Layne aka Rock N' Roll - night 5 death - town aligned doctor

3) Kevin Fuckner day 3 lynch - magicman - mafia aligned

4) Broskierose day 3 death - mask man - town aligned

5) Dazed and Confused - day 1 lynch - Wando town aligned

6) White Raven - night 4 death - town aligned - kevin

7) saphire night 3 death - the Sandman - town aligned

8) inthisriver aka tbizzle - died night 2 - role revealing jack the ripper mafia

9) Hans Moleman - killed night 2 - dark star legend - cop

10) Iceman24 - Day 6 lynch, town aligned mutant rose

11) Android* aka Spark the determination

12) Sandman aka sand sniggerer

13) Dean-16 killed day 2- conqueso - cop

14) MAX

15) Randy Lahey - day 4 lynch - town aligned - bach

16) ronaldo9

17) 3rd Wheel - killed night 1 - ronaldo9 - indy aligned

18) SLAA night 3 death - dean16 - town aligned

19) Doug E Style :facepalm: autokilled day 1 - Kissable Kate town aligned

20) John Bonham Day 5 lynch - Max - town

Day 2 beginning

Edited by to the moon
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6. Lynching will be done different in this game. After a set time limit I will ask the members to place a vote. All votes made before this request are NOT VALID.

So what should or system be for making others know who we are intent on voting on?

I think I'll do

Potential Vote: Tbizzle

or something like that?


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