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What Are You Listening II

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Since wasted can’t see it’s Motörhead cover of heroes 

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I just put on the radio here and listened to some pop station for the first time in years.


Holy shit the music was fucking awful. Song after song of indistinguishable whining from young guys over generic tracks that all sounded the same. You could barely tell that it was different "artists" - I know of course that pop music has always had a formula but this was ridiculous. 


What struck me in particular was the lyrics and the way they were sung - this whiney falsetto thing that they were all doing was fucking horrible. And the lyrics, real cringy beta male lamenting stuff, christ it was unbearable. 


Obviously pop songs have always had a certain level of that...but this was on a whole other level of sad sack shit. 


Fuck me, I knew it was bad but not this bad. 

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Listening to a lot of mozart lately. the SJW's brought me here, as they canceled mozart for being somehow a symbol of white oppression. I said great, now I need to know more. Found a 40cd boxset on a second hand site for 25 euro and dived right in. it's good to relieve some stress.


That, and some elvis and motley crue (girls girls girls album).

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