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Movie Mafia Signups

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I'm going to go ahead and write the story up and send roles, and in honor of Sandman hosting a 30 man game once I will even extend an offer to bacardi and sunny dre if they still want to play, no hard feelings. but you guys need to let me know asap.

no hard feelings I was just hell bent on 18. I want anyone to play that wants to play. I'm writing up the roles for everyone who wanted to play, including bacardi,doug e style, slaa and broskierose. Mutant Rose will not be playing.

the theme is going to be a satirical tribute to the mafia party game in general, the era from Dpains 1st Futurama game all the way to the last Arnold Layne's (rock n Roll) mygnr mafia game.

I really hope this game goes ahead. Steve, DO IT!!

If not, I recommend Sandman hosts.

I thought we were starting the game Sunday, but he's just started putting it together. :(

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Everybody just hold tight, I can't tell my boss I need to go home and get working on mafia roles. I have everyone's alignment and roles down, I just need to get time to send them all out (21 players) and write the story out which I have in my head.

I was going to do movie mafia but was inspired yesterday from aggravation and from sandman posting the mymafiamania board, so I had to start from scratch. Stayed up late last night but didn't finish, but I am close.

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Wow, reading over the old site IS pretty awesome. Post by me in TTM's "Ultimate 8 Man Game"

Playing Styles of The Eight:

Spark- Plays the same game every time. Posts rarely make sense, but often he is able to see through the bullshit. A whiz at confusing people.

3rd Wheel- Most dangerous player here imo. Mixes his game up every time. Plays fast, loose, aggressive, but can also slow it up and be logical, reasonable, and calculated.

Conqueso- A juggernaut that is hard to stop once he gets going. Pressure, pressure, pressure, is the name of his game. Will attack someone relentlessly to see where they stand.

Max- Master of subtlety. Has a way with him where you think he isn't paying attention, then BAM! he nabs you. Cannot afford to overlook.

Ron- The quiet, cool one. Always presents a logical response to everything, rarely gets aggressive.

Sandman- Plays mind games at times, but is able to stay focus. Likes to get to the bottom of things. Can switch up his game to play different each time.

Kevin- Smart, wily, crazy. Thinks out the odds whilst calling said player an "Assbag." Insulting, crude, yet able to get to the bottom of things.

December pain- Tries to mix it up, but generally plays the same part each time. Rarely gets aggressive but wont back down from a challenge. Likes to play the part of concerned townie even when not town, which automatically makes him dangerous.

All different, all dangerous.

Haha, sometimes I do miss those days <3

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Will you be making a new thread for the game? or are we sticking to this thread

new thread, doing it now.


As a request, in the subtitle could you always have what night/day it is? (ie DAY 1, NIGHT 3), also i think keeping track of the starting page for each day in the first post would be good

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