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1. kevin shades (town - cop)

2. inthisriver Hans_Moleman (town)

3. SunnyDRE PA Guns (town)

4. White_Raven

5. Tottenham Angelica (town)

6. John Bonham

7. Hans Moleman

8. Lucrecia sugaraylen (town)

9. saphire gunsgay (mafia - News Reporter)

10. Tom Dead Flower (town)

11. Sleeping Like An Angel orsys (mafia - moderator)

12. Broskirose sofine11 (town)

13. The Sandman Gn'R Bar (town - doctor)

. Android ✪ admin (mafia - admin)

15. bacardimayne (town)

16. bringbackadler Axl Rose aka Dexter (independent)

17. Dean-16 Rock N' Roll (town)

18. to the moon


In Mafia, there is a certain number of players, divided into two groups: the Town, and the Mafia. If you are a member of the town, you win if, at any point, all mafia members are dead. If you are a member of the Mafia, you win if the Mafia ever comprises a majority of the remaining players. (For example, if there are three mafia members and two town members left, the mafia wins.) The way you go about this is simple: you kill off people you don't like.

Here's how it works:

Each game 'day' is divided into day and night. During the day, players post in the thread, trying to decide which members of the town are really members of the mafia. Each player gets one vote per day, and whenever one player has a majority of the town's votes, that player is lynched by the town, and is eliminated. Votes look like this:

Official Vote: Madison

Please bold your votes for them to be counted.

If later, you decide to change your vote, post this:

Unvote: Madison

During the day, the town tries to decide who is acting like a mafioso, and debates about who to lynch. However, the mafia will try to mislead the town into lynching a town member instead.

After a player is lynched, the day ends, and it becomes night. No player may post during the night. During the night, the mafia chooses one player to hit, and will PM me their choice. That player is killed, and eliminated. Also during the night, some players may have night abilities (detailed after the game begins. If they wish to use these, they PM me with their actions during the night.

There are two night abilities which are part of every mafia game and they are the Doctor and the Cop.

Each night, the doctor selects one player to protect (EDIT: Other than themself). That player cannot be killed during the night, either by the mafia hit, or by any other night abilities. The cop chooses one player to investigate. The next morning, the cop will learn whether that player is aligned to the town, or to the mafia.

Players with beneficial night abilities like this would be best to keep them secret, so as not to become instant targets for the mafia. Therefore, it's usually best to keep your abilities secret for at least the first portion of the game.

After all night abilities have been received, the next day will begin. I will post in the thread the obvious results of the night actions, such as who was killed and whether they were mafia or town; however, I will not tell you who killed who. The point of the game is figuring out who, after all.

Also, no outside communication is allowed by town members. The mafia, however, can communicate with other mafia members via PM, e-mail, or whatever. The mafia knows who is in the mafia and who is in the town, but each town member is ignorant of what alignment anyone has except themselves.

Also, there is to be absolutely no editing of your posts! I cannot stress this enough. If you edit your post, you may be hiding information that you accidently revealed but did not want to. That is why you must be very careful in what you say! Double posts are allowed if you forget some information and want to include it.

Play continues in this day/night sequence until either side's victory condition is met, at which point the game is over.

Remember, this will be a rather long-term game, so if you won't be able to commit some time to this game, please, don't sign up.


Roughly nine years ago in January of 2002, Eric Ramano decided to change the world of Guns N' Roses forever. He created MYGNRFORUM.

At first it was a fun and pleasant little community. Members would openly discuss their favorite members, people would cry over who was better 'Axl or Slash', and madison would go around and give out friendly warnings to those who supported Buckethead or who was ever on her bad side. Then one day, a mysterious man named Dexter (later to be known as Axl Rose himself) went online and tore madison a new one. Eric, while nothing was really known about him at the time because he only posted 2,000 times in seven years, became one of Dexter's henchmen and demoted madison without any notice. It was the beginning of the end of free speech on MYGNR.

The changes were subtle. Estranged Reality was promoted to moderator and people were happy, however people mysteriously disappeared little by little and nobody knew where they went, with the exception of BBA who was always back with a new identity of course. But people became quite worried. What happened to their little community, their place they called home?

Then the bomb dropped.

Eric said 'I want more money!' and UK Subs said, 'sure I'll help you out Eric!'. So a deal was set and the forum remained open, until Eric told UK, 'Fuck off Asshole! Someone gave me more money, so I don't need you anymore.' UK Subs was hurt and resigned. Then high voltage resigned, and then Estranged Reality said Eric was an asshole and was then demoted. Within weeks, bans and suspensions were handed out like contraceptives at a birth control clinic, and a new moderating team was formed. A group of Eric's dirty henchmen who banned anyone they pleased.

MYGNR was no more.

But what was there motive and why did things change? We may never know, but what we do know is...it's time to play some mafia.


This is a picture to make the game less weird in the beginning. So let it carry out for how long you want to talk about it.

Also, the mafia win when they can match their numbers with the town.

The town win when they kill the mafia and independents.

I'm out.

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Guest Lucrecia

Advice for everyone: Look at old mafia games in MYGNR as a template. It might be your best help.

Can you post a link? After reading the rules, I think I've played this at parties before, but it's been years...

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Eric, while nothing was really known about him at the time because he only posted 2,000 times in seven years,

Eric only posted like 300 or 400 times total even though he is the single longest lasting member of the forum....

i don't get this game. i don't know what i'm supposed to do. i'll just say something.

i'm cool.

Sup Eric. Or at least I am assuming you are eric now.

Now eric seems like a good choice to be mafia to me


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this is kind of exciting. i still don't entirely get it but it seems like loads of fun. i'm not sure how you eventually learn who's the bad guys or not, but i suppose we'll figure it out as it goes along.

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It's a group of people who win, right? Not just one person?

well if someone has an independent role, they will win too. since you are talking about groups of people im going to assume you have the ability to PM other people about your role in the game. that means you're either a townie with a 'partner' or you are mafia.


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When we say who we vote for are we supposed to say the actual user or the "player" they are pretending to be?

You vote a user of the forum, in general you do not know what the other players roles are. Unless you are the mafia leader, like you are

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kevin's too good at this. his knowledge frightens me.

also, i had a dream about lucrecia when i took a nap this afternoon. for some reason she was a small hispanic girl with purple lipstick. :huh:

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Guest Lucrecia

kevin's too good at this. his knowledge frightens me.

also, i had a dream about lucrecia when i took a nap this afternoon. for some reason she was a small hispanic girl with purple lipstick. :huh:

Sounds just like me! awesomeface.png

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