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GNFNR News Reporter Election

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Ever wanted to be an integral part of a GNR forum staff team? Ever wanted the power to make important decisions? Well now's your chance.

In April, the community of GNFNR will be selecting two News Reporters. To run for the position, find a partner who you are willing to run with and either post in the thread or PM me with both of you confirming that you wish to run. After the candidates have been amassed, an election will be held, with users sending in their votes via PM.

News Reporters will receive these four things:

  • Colored name of your choice
  • Official "News Reporter" badge on profile
  • Access to the top secret News Reporter Section
  • The many responsibilities that come with being a news reporter

The deadline for application is March 30, 2011.

If we get too many candidates, the mod team will thin them out by selecting based on the commitment they show and their campaign.

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