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Bumblefoot on Axl - Mar. 18, 2011

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Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal will never forget the first night he met Axl Rose

The Guns N’ Roses guitarist hadn’t met the main man in person until they got together for a jamming session in New York which turned out to be a night he’ll never forget. In a RockAAA exclusive he said:

“I wasn’t nervous at all about meeting anyone as I had no perceptions other than our own dealings through management two years prior.

“I don’t buy into rumours and hearsay; I meet people, have my own experience with them and go with my gut.

“We were jamming in NYC to some of the newer songs and it was totally normal. We ate some food, made some music, it was good vibes. I hadn’t eaten red meat in a few years and his friends brought in a big tray of hamburgers, I figured it would be a memorable way to break that streak, and had one of the burgers.

“Let me tell ya, after so long without it, that was the absolute best fucking thing I ever tasted. So that’s my memory about it – jamming in New York and eating my first real burger in a long time. Good times.”

Bumblefoot has also peeled back the iron curtain which surrounds Guns N’ Roses to reveal Axl is a prankster who loves nothing more than pulling practical jokes on his band mates during live shows including cracking jokes and winding his band up with wisecracks through the monitors live on stage.

And Bumble laughs he has yet to get the frontman back. He continued:

“There’s been a few times laughing on stage, he tripped me up a few times, haha! “I’ve yet to get him to laugh through a line but that’s tough, he’s a pro – and I’m just not that funny.

“I’ve had a shitload of fun times hanging with everyone in the band and the crew and the families and the fans, and the good times are all that are matter.”

But the funtimes have been equalled by some emotional highs as Bumblefoot explains:

“It is almost exactly one year ago that we played our first show of the South American tour, in Brazil. During the show, the audience unravelled a giant flag over their heads, which had to be covering over a hundred people.

“I had never seen anything like that to be playing, then seeing this giant colourful banner roll open across the crowd in front of us, I stopped playing, pointed to it and said “Do you fucking see that?” to Axl.

“It was really heart-warming, it made the show feel more like we were all celebrating something together and it was one of the best feelings I ever had during a show.”

Full Article: http://www.rockaaa.com/news/bumblefoot-on-axl-3798

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