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"The "Fan-appening" Content From Hundreds Of OnlyFans Accounts 'Leaked On Google Drive

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Content From Hundreds Of OnlyFans Accounts 'Leaked On Google Drive'

Rebecca Shepherd

Published 9:01, 07 April 2021 BST
| Last updated 12:29, 07 April 2021 BST

Content From Hundreds Of OnlyFans Accounts 'Leaked On Google Drive'

It has been claimed that the content from hundreds of OnlyFans accounts has been leaked on a shared Google Drive after being posted to a hacking forum.

According to reports, the leak took place last month and researchers at cybersecurity firm BackChannel found a post on a hacking forum where a member shared a Google Drive full of OnlyFans adult-themed content with other members.


Credit: Shutterstock Credit: Shutterstock

OnlyFans is a site for content creators to earn money by sharing images, videos and live streams with fans who pay subscriptions. It's not always explicit content that is shared but there are a lot of adult-themed posts.


According to BleepingComputer, it's not possible to see how large the folder is without downloading it but BackChannel founder Aaron DeVera explained that the Google Drive originally contained folders for 279 OnlyFans creators, with one of the folders having over 10GB of videos and photos.

Apparently, most of the content appears to have been uploaded in October 2020 with BlackChannel thinking that it's been compiled by multiple people.


Credit: Shutterstock Credit: Shutterstock

Aaron DeVera told BleepingComputer: "It is not uncommon for subscribers of OnlyFans creators to share files. OnlyFans has somewhat weak content controls around their content, and there are plenty of bots and scrapers a legitimate subscriber can use. What makes this unique is that so many users were bundled in one folder.


"This implies that multiple contributors likely added to the cache, or that the uploader sourced the content from multiple leaks. We do not assess that the poster on RaidForums is the original uploader of the Google Drive content."





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