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Can Guns N' Roses be sued for hoarding their own music

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Axl Rose is the biggest hoarder of them all.


Guns n Roses have been torturing their fans for over 25 years now.

Year after year teasing fans with talk about new music and albums being worked on, or close to being ready.

And every year except 2008 we get Nothing.

This is fucked, and its abuse.


GnR are abusing their fans,

that's gotta count for something in this retarded new woke reality.


Need a very smart trashy lawyer that wants to make a name for themselves.

And even if it don't win in court, GnR will look like complete assholes if they don't release something.


This is how to get a New GnR Album 😁


What do ya think

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  • RedHook changed the title to Can Guns N' Roses be sued for hoarding their own music
3 hours ago, Turkish said:

I think I want some of what you’re smokin 😁


Chem4 strain ,

but now i'm drinking whisky also 🙊🙉🙈



But damn, this thread seems fucked.

Is this not a good idea? 

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