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It's Time to Rock the Rock, Brasky is right once again

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1 hour ago, Faxl Rows said:

What the FUCK is going on with Shaggy's voice


Not even trying to sound like Shaggy


This is more important than Axl singing like a grandma regurgitating a pudding

yeah not sure what's going on there, matt lillard is generally known for being the best shaggy since casey kasem himself


maybe he just stopped trying after getting denied a part in the feature film in favor of some celebrity who sounded nothing like shaggy

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How the fuck do they keep choosing blonde as Axls hair color in these cartoons.

The whole world knows fat boy is a ginger. 


Do you guys think there is a Fat Red Headed version of these cartoons that Axl rejected?



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  • John Bonham changed the title to It's Time to Rock the Rock, Brasky is right once again

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