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24 minutes ago, John Bonham said:

Is his GF’s name Glorp, or is glorp fuck a move? IDK


If it was the famous Glorp Fuck sex position then I believe both words would be capitalized.

Glorp fuck must be a name,

or maybe even a command.

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5 hours ago, VincentVegasIndigoChild said:

So this weekand was supposed to be special. On Friday I was suposed to watch my girlfriend Glorp fuck another guy in person. I put on my best suit from sears and kucky power rangers t shirt under it for luck . When I got there they where eating my favorite meal, chicken prmazjan without me and then the guy, whos name aludes me, threw a piece of chicken parmazjan on the floor and said to eat it. Glorp laughed and clapped so I ate it off the floor. At least I got to eat the chicken parmazjan but they didn't even let me watch the sex


The next day I asked my dad if he wanted to hear a new homomaphone solo I have been learning to play. It is my favorite instrament from my favorite rolling stones albums from the 1940s . He started crying and then threw the book chicken soup for the soul at my head and told me to move out and never come back. 


Then today my life size standy of gilby clark gable got wet and wilted so I can't use it good any more. At least I still have his album use the illusion still


Wow could this day get any worse or what?


4/10. I did like going to Sears as a kid. I did like Power Rangers as a kid too. I don't eat Chicken Parm, so points off. I don't wear suits, so yet more points off.
Also, I've never dated anyone named Glorp. That just sounds like the name of a Rick & Morty character.

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