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Doug's "golf strategy"

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Thread for the day 02/16/2021.



During an appearance on Appetite for Distortion, former Guns N' Roses manager Doug Goldstein, who managed the group between 1991 and 2008, discussed his relationship with Slash and Duff McKagan, online drama, while also looking back on Donald Trump attending a GN'R gig back in the early '90s.




Asked how Slash "wasn't very kind" to him in his book, Goldstein replied (transcribed by UG):

"No, he wasn't very kind. In Slash's book, he says, 'Dougie used to put us at these golf resorts so that he could play golf.' The reality is - I woke up at 5:30 in the morning just as they were going to bed, so it had nothing to do with that.

"It had everything to do with the fact that on the '88-'89 'Appetite' tour [Doug worked as the band's tour manager at the time] when I was staying downtown, we were throwing drug dealers in and out of hotel rooms, right and left., but good luck scoring any heroin on the 15th hole at the TPC course in Las Colinas and Dallas. You're not gonna do it.

"Maybe now that it's grown a little, but not back when I was booking them there. That's why I booked him out there, and it had nothing to do with golf. Most of the time I didn't even get to play golf because I was dealing with some mess from the night before."

Yeah, there's still so much that needs to be cleared up.

"I mean, would I love the opportunity to sit with Slash and Duff [McKagan, bass] and explain my side of the story. Will I ever get that opportunity? Probably not. That's OK.

"But again, one of my mantras in life is I don't look in the rearview mirror for fear of running into the wall in front of me. The reason why I do these podcasts really isn't to clear up anything about me, it is really just to talk to the fans. And anybody that knows me well enough understands that about me.

"I love the fans; when a lot of these fans were in their teens, they were spending their hard-earned money or their allowance or whatever buying t-shirts, and posters, and whatever else that I received the benefit of.

"And why in the world, 20 years later, would I not answer questions that had to do with a band that was relevant in their youth? I would think that would be pretty one-sided of me and a pretty shitty thing to do."

Now, the manager commented:

"I'll be honest with you what it is. I've had this discussion privately, I call it 'cowards behind keyboards'. If you google 'Doug Goldstein Guns N' Roses,' the very first thing is - well, the second thing that comes up is, 'Why Doug Goldstein is full of shit.' And it's an article that you cannot comment on, by the way, he edited it so that you can't put a comment.

"But it was related to my comments about - I saw the end of the line coming [for Guns N' Roses] when Axl did his piece about being abused as a child, and then Slash decides to go do a pay-per-view with Michael Jackson...

"'But those [pedophilia] accusations didn't come out for a couple of years!' Well, that's all well and good, but those of us that were in the industry - we all knew. I have a friend that I will leave nameless that I've known since I was 18 years old, who was literally the house manager at Neverland, and we all knew what was transpiring out there.

"So I don't really give a shit about some coward behind a keyboard saying that I was full of shit, other than when somebody's interested in possibly working with me. And that's the second thing that comes up. I don't know how to get rid of it, I'm not savvy enough to call Google and say, 'This guy's full of shit.'"


Full Shit:


About the extras!
Do TB people constantly keep an eye on us, or do we have traitors? In the recent BH topic I created, someone reported the first of the extra videos and removed it from YT. It was a beautiful version of "It's Alright / NR".

The Extras for now:











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4 minutes ago, ritz snare said:


Did Slash turn a blind eye to Michael Jackson diddling kids?


See Budd Dwyer?  Slash knew.  And I called it.  Makes me wonder why you defend him so vigorously.  I bet you want to staple his hat on to his glued-on hair for him, don't you? 


Poor old Budd's been taking a time out from the forum. The rest of us savages aren't woke enough for his tastes.


Extra credit for that signature thing. I nearly hit it *again*, fucking idiot that I am.

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The signature screencap is just to show people that setting.  I wasn't trying to clickbait anyone.  Speaking of Budd, he referenced his once in a conversation, and I wanted him to know I couldn't see it, and would never see it.  But also to let other assholes know I don't give a fuck about their signatures.  Actually I do give a fuck, that's why I turned it off. 

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