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Slunks N’ Noses - The Fried Chicken Incident

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Amazing work! Check it out!


A FanEdit of Buckethead's work with Guns 2000-2004 [Disc 1]


01. I.R.S. (LilDomontovich Edit)
02. Knockin' on Heaven's Door (LilDomontovich Edit feat Bemol Studios)
03. Street of Dreams (LilDomontovich Edit)
04. Sorry (LilDomontovich Edit)
05. If the World (LilDomontovich Edit)
06. There Was a Time (LilDomontovich Edit)
07. Better (LilDomontovich Edit)
08. Nightrain (LilDomontovich Edit feat TapPOOH)
09. Chinese Democracy (LilDomontovich Edit)
10. Catcher in the Rye (LilDomontovich Edit)
11. Madagascar (LilDomontovich Edit)
12. Prostitute (LilDomontovich Edit)
13. Underwater My Robot Weeps (or "Duo")(LilDomontovich Edit feat Bemol Studios)
14. Scraped (LilDomontovich Edit)
15. Riad N' the Bedouins (LilDomontovich Edit)
16. Shackler's Retribution (Bucket & Bootsy's "Shackler" + Shackler's Revenge)(LilDomontovich Edit)


A FanEdit of Buckethead's work with Guns 2000-2004 [Disc 2]


01. Berlin (LilDomontovich Edit)
02. Mustache (LilDomontovich Edit)
03. Atlas Shrugged (LilDomontovich Edit)
04. QuickSong (LilDomontovich Edit)
05. Hardschool (LilDomontovich Edit)
06. Dummy (LilDomontovich Edit)
07. Dub Suplex (LilDomontovich Edit)
08. RealDoll[dot]com (LilDomontovich Edit)
09. Circus Maximus (LilDomontovich Edit)
10. Tonto (LilDomontovich Edit)
11. Curly Shuffle (LilDomontovich Edit)
12. Zodiac (LilDomontovich Edit)
13. Me & My Elvis (LilDomontovich Edit)
14. The Rebel (LilDomontovich Edit)
15. D Tune (LilDomontovich Edit)
16. P.R.L. (LilDomontovich Edit)



Some cool extras to ya:





Enjoy guys!







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