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Are you appalled regarding w axl rose not participating and performing in the act of humanity to the people he claims to love ?


Are you even more disgusted that he personally profited and approved of the biggest super mass spreader of Covid 19 Chinese made virus musical event of 2020 ?


Please feel free to ask this  question  on other forums and social media. 

A honest non objective views gladly accepted 🤗

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Have we got the official figures of the infection rate/death rate in Mexico on March 14th? I've had a look on a couple of websites and they had like over two dozen cases on that date, they didn't record a death until March 19th. Maybe that festival was a super spreader event or maybe it wasn't. So its either...







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As for superspreading: yeah, that was a risky move but the less mexican the better though. Plus they have to be responsible about their own health


They will be dead in a gang related dispute and  by the cartels anyway



Yesterdays i saw a thread where a dead mexicans head was placed on top of a car, like a trophy. Probably petty drug business or cartels gone loose again

South America dies like flies, who cares really

They'll kill each other anyway

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