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Axl Rose turns 60 Next Year

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Well, it's definately a privilege to be a blonde, Val... 

He will be fatter than ever

After his rim job. 

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He's probably my personal number one, but by god, he's up there.  It'd be insane not to put him in the Top Ten of all Time even while he's still alive, just for the 80s/90s shows alone.


I've been very lucky to see some amazing bands over the years, but for sheer star power, sheer channeling of Morrison, that unknown level of charisma that propels someone to superstardom where they can have a stadium of 50,000 in their complete command...only two I've ever seen were Axl and Eddie Vedder.


I didn't see Axl in his prime, sadly....but I saw Eddie several times at his very peak and it was magic.


Axl will get his dues, but you're right....it'll probably only be after he dies and in this retard smart phone world we live in, his death will trend for about two and a half days, and then the entire country of Brazil will burn itself down to glass and ash.

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4 hours ago, EstrangedTWAT said:




Father Time is a shit-cunt-bastard man.


And he gets us ALL in the end.   Fucking every last one of us.   There's no escape.


Look at what happened to Tia Carrere.   She's Roseanne now.











She looks fine, except the cheeks. 


The problem with Axl is that he is fat on purpose

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8 minutes ago, John Bonham said:


this is Jerry Garcia at 50

:( And despite being diabetic, obese, and heavily addicted to Heroin, he was still more productive than Axl Rose.
Miss Jerry. Wish he was still with us.

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