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Would you be down for a VERY back to basics record?

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On 1/14/2021 at 7:30 AM, Ragnar said:

You must be deaf. Forced rasp is more horrible than Axl's current frog rasp. Then again, you like Creed so.............

No, it's fucking not and STILL making excuses about Axl's mickey vocals in 2021 makes you ineligible to mock anybody who likes Creed

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I wouldn't want them to lose their momentum by stopping to work on a new album  

Yeah, fuck that. 

I want two things:   1. Miser to stop making threads   2. Gn’R to disband permanently 

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1 minute ago, Ragnar said:

What excuses ?

what you wrote about "forced rasp"


Btw his Rock the Rock voice is better than almost everything on CD except the bigger screaming parts

Creed as a band, sucks ass, DJ Ahsba sucks ass though


At this point, just reface every GNR show with fat Axl's

That would have been better than a new record

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