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Will you be getting the Covid Vaccine?

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The vaccine will cure Miser's autism and he'll never make a hairline post again

That's what you're worried about?   "Sir, I think this one's broken. It's saying he hasn't left his basement in six months!"  

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Just now, EstrangedTWAT said:

For my insightful reply, refer to the original thread:




Oh my bad. I didn't  see it


To be fair that was last year and a vaccine is actually here now  lol 😉

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3 minutes ago, Trumpy Bear said:

I'll probably be forced for my job but if I have a choice it's a hard no. 


Same.   If I ever wanna see my family again, that requires air travel.  And they're not gonna let non microchipped "vaccinated" passengers aboard.

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Just now, Val said:

You beat me to it


If people are worried about being microchipped we pretty much give all our info already through our phones

Plus it's harder to talk bollocks over a microchip. 

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21 minutes ago, Gordon Comstock said:

I'll probably get it eventually but I'm not in any hurry. It was a rushed vaccine with unknown long term effects... I'll wait at least a year or two and see what happens.


I'm with you. I'm not so much worried about being microchiped as I am about the side effects. Not sure if my job is going to enforce it but I am undecided at the moment

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For those not yet convinced, out of curiousity, what arbitrary figure are you waiting for? A certain number of people to have had it before? The most vulnerable to get it first (that'd happen anyway)? A period of time until you decide it's a been a long-term enough assessment?

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1 hour ago, Donald Trump said:

I thought I saw something the other day about the vaccines proving to be ineffective against this new strain of covid outta Africa? 

There’s going to be more new strains than Stones Best of cds.,

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