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The only way i would pay to see gnr pending Axl dropping 75 pounds has happened.    Fernando somehow pulled it off.    Over the last few months many friends have told me they have

@Bill brasky   NITL 4ever reface-2021-01-25-01-08-44.mp4

@Bill Brasky give that people news

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Just now, bacardimayne said:

dj replacing fortus would be the final nail in the shitcoffin of this awful band

Ashba is a better guitarist than Fortus. But Fortus is still in. Look at the other thread. 

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6 minutes ago, bacardimayne said:

I love your fat axl posts but this is just false in every conceivable way

Which solo is better?  Fortus never had a good solo in his whole career. And i only see him as a rythm guitarist. 



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Fortus plays everything he's tasked with pretty much flawlessly. Sure you can link the Beautiful solo which is the most reviled thing he's ever done and is 50% Robin Funch, but it's still better than the fucking disaster at the start of Golden Gods SCOM or anything DJ does on the entire Vegas blu-ray.

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54 minutes ago, Turkish said:

Fortus out? Can’t believe it. Never. Get that Fortus butlicker in here but wtf never mind it’s all good by the way his mrs as carried on this convo haven’t a clue what he’s on about sorry 

English please

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8 minutes ago, Wilco said:

You heard it here first: Slash quit again, DJ is going to replace him

Actually it wouldn’t surprise me. He might have had a contract til 2020. 2021 was always planned with Myles. 

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