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Happy Christmas GNFNR

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It's hard times we're living. There's no possible "Happy Christmas"...so all the hope and faith in better times is what I desire to all of us brothers.    

Not sure what holiday food it was that I ate last night, but I just clogged up the toilet in the master bedroom 🎄 🎄 

My dad passed away in 2000 and my mom in 2005. Since then, I've spent the holidays with my 2 sisters and their families. Last year, I was extremely ill for the holidays so I didn't visit them, thinkin

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6 hours left till Christmas here,im already celebrating ,im drinking and eating   good food....watching TV shows, listening to Alice in chains and i watched It is a Wonderful Life for the first time in my life ..honestly i wasnt impressed not a fan of old movies.Also this christmas im disapointed because there is no snow in Bulgaria :(


Merry Christmas!We survived 2020:novembersnow:..but there are still 6 days left :scared:

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