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Mr Hanky isn't the only Christmas shit on the scene in 2020

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I've always wished christmas music RAWKED harder, and also had some really basic edm elements. Thank you by take care us, DJ.


How many videos do you think he filmed at the same time? He obviously had to rent the models for the full day, so I'm guessing he got at least 4-5 videos worth of footage.

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4 hours ago, Ragnar said:

Anyone who likes this should be waterboarded.

They will torture on Guantanamo with this song. 


I'm fine with Ashba, but Ashba and dubstep is torture. The Alien DJ is just the cherry on the top of 






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I want to shake the hand of the guy who slapped Ashba round the face on his final ever show with Guns.


Just to think, he almost killed himself over our taunts. If we had tried a little harder, this wouldn't have happened. We've only got ourselves to blame for this.

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