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The Doors song Tightrope Ride mentions Brian Jones by name

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4 minutes ago, Donald Trump said:


It was supposedly written by Jim for Brian. Ray Manzarek edited the lyrics after Jim died to suit Jim's death more. The song was recorded the same month Jim died. The album came out October 1971, three months after his death. It was songs they were working on for the next album with Jim if he'd lived.

Jim wrote a poem for Brian Jones when he died:


Jim Morrison – “Ode to L.A. While Thinking of Brian Jones, Deceased”


I’m a resident of a city
They’ve just picked me to play
The Prince of Denmark


Poor Ophelia


All those ghosts he never saw
Floating to doom
On an iron candle


Come back, brave warrior
Do the dive
On another channel


Hot buttered pool
Where’s Marrakech
Under the falls
the wild storm
where savages fell out
in late afternoon
monsters of rhythm


You’ve left your
to complete w/


I hope you went out Smiling
Like a child
Into the cool remnant
of a dream


The angel man
w/ Serpents competing
for his palms
& fingers
Finally claimed
This benevolent




Leaves, sodden
in silk


mad stifled


The diving board, the plunge
The pool

You were the bleached
for TV afternoon


maverick of a yellow spot


Look now to where it’s got


in meat heaven
w/ the cannibals
& Jews


The gardener
The body, rampant, Floating


Lucky Stiff
What is this green pale stuff
You’re made of


Poke holes in the goddess


Will he Stink
Carried heavenward
Thru the halls of music


No chance.

Requiem for a heavy
That smile
That porky satyr’s
has leaped upward


into the loam

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3 hours ago, Wilco said:


Donovan and Dylan

During Bob Dylan's trip to the UK in the spring of 1965, the British music press were making comparisons of the two singer-songwriters and going so far as to stir up allegations of a rivalry, and other luminaries of the pop scene were chiming in. The Rolling Stones guitarist Brian Jones said,

We've been watching Donovan too. He isn't too bad a singer but his stuff sounds like Dylan's. His 'Catch The Wind' sounds like 'Chimes of Freedom'. He's got a song, 'Hey Tangerine Eyes' and it sounds like Dylan's 'Mr. Tambourine Man'

While recording the demo, Donovan befriended Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones, who was recording nearby. He had recently met Jones' ex-girlfriend, Linda Lawrence, who is the mother of Jones' son, Julian Brian (Jones) Leitch.[15] The on-off romantic relationship that developed over five years was a force in Donovan's career. She influenced Donovan's music but refused to marry him and she moved to the United States for several years in the late 1960s. They met by chance in 1970 and married soon after. Donovan had other relationships – one of which resulted in the birth of his first two children, Donovan Leitch and Ione Skye, both of whom became actors.


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