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Pat Smear vs. Gilby Clarke

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There can only be one correct answer to this question. Brian Jones.

Almost like he's full of shit and just wants to sound edgy or something. "Never heard a Foo Fighters song" yeah that's possible.

There's only one Spaceman and his name is Ace Frehley.   Ack!

1 minute ago, arnold layne said:


This may literally be the only complaint I haven't made on the forums all day.


It was only a statement saying I wish I had Xanax. 

I may have percieved it wrong.

I just notice you don't seem happy lately and you have many wonderful things in your life to be happy about. 


My perception may be wrong 

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12 minutes ago, AxlisOld said:

Bull. Fucking. Shit.

No, actually true. I took my prescribed dose, and only on select occasions did I abuse it:

When my friend died in December 2017, mixed with alcohol and Benadryl

In the spring of 2018 for the same reason

Second half of 2018 for other more personal reasons

In the summer of this year, mixed with Ambien and alcohol for personal reasons.


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Pat Smear was in (the) Germs. I've always assumed Kurt was attracted to his street cred. He seemed to have a lot of respect for anything punk. I remember he dropped "punk" references when talking about their Vaselines cover for instance.


I never really think of him as part of Nirvana but never had an issue with him. He was only there 6 months.

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