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When did you realize that Slash will always be >Axl?

Axl vs. Slash, overall  

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  1. 1. Time to settle this once for all: Axl or Slash

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56 minutes ago, Budd Dwyer said:

I think neither Axl nor Slash is influencial as musicians


Funny, if you read about these alleged polls, Axl is higher on a list yet he sings like Mickey Mouse


Slash is on a high position on these polls yet his playing is not deteriorated to unlistenable levels

Slash is top 10, especially if you factor in his contemporary celebrity profile. But he’s got big competition from Page, Hendrix, Young, May, Perry, EVH plus all the virtuosos shredders - guitar is something you can learn. 


Axl isnt maybe as much as a showman as Jagger but he whips him vocally. Mercury is the best of both worlds. Plant maybe better vocally than Axl but Axl on the UYI tour was putting on the greatest live shows ever. Ozzy is Ozzy he cant sing or walk but he has presence and charisma. There’s also Diamond, doesn’t have Axl’s range but obviously is the original flamboyant gymnast. Most vocalists seem to be limited so Axl is up there Top 3. Plus he writes songs, plays piano and wears bike shorts. 

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what   axl is the undisputed winner here to the world outside of gnr forums, slash is a one-trick pony, maybe the 70th best guitarist ever, who had some cool riffs in the 80s. axl is ro

Depends what you focus on.    Money wise, Axl owns Slash. Hilariously so.    Image wise, Slash wins   Respect wise - Axl is certainly ranked higher as a vocalist than Sla

You all are defending people that deserve no defense.    Axl and Slash are nobodies now. Ok yes, they make royalties off of music rights, but your average person on the street doesn't give a

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Just now, Budd Dwyer said:

Hmm by now Perla must have come forward?  especially after the divorce and the metoo shit plus possibly more money

could be why she's fucking him in divorce fees, to keep her from going public and ruining his image

all speculation of course, i personally doubt he's a wifebeater beyond some drunk scraps where perla probably got all the hits in. no kitty litter shit thats for sure.


i don't think either of them are going to win any morality prizes but if those allegations on axl are true it is undoubtedly disgusting

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Well, Slash was rarely been truly upset, at least its not documented (the only example when he was confronted by a moron who yelled at him "that's not Slash, that's an imposter because Slash trained at my gym" and Slash got a little bit pissed off at the end)

he was a laid back/passed out drunk all the time


Whereas Axl always had temper tantrums since his childhood

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I have always been a bigger Slash fan than Axls:slash:.Guns N Roses is my favourite band and i love both the music and the vocals but if you ask me which is more important-its the music the guitar riffs and solos .So for me Slash is more GNR than AXL.


When i listened to CD.....it does have the GNR name but where is the music ??????It doesnt sound like GNR,yes Axl sings but the music sounds awful.No Slash no hardrock no GNR.


Slash riffs on that Lenny Kravitz song and MJ song Give it to me are better than anything Axl has done since 1991.Velver Revolver sounded more like GNR,Slither,Set me free,Come on come in etc,Axl can only dream of making rock songs as good on his own :pepe::beta:

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13 hours ago, Budd Dwyer said:

Okay then, since you're not  a biased fuck like the rest of the posters hjere



 Any source for that?


How and where is he ranked higher? by whom?


How can we compare guitarists with singers on lists?


Axl is nearly always top ten in any vocalist list. 


Slash is usually top 20 or sometimes less. There's a lot of famous iconic guitarists that are considered better. 


And I'm saying that as someone that prefers Slash to Axl. 


Lets face it, Slash did his best work 30 years ago. Though Velvet Revolver was commercially successful, he won't be remembered for any of the riffs in that band. 


To be fair, Axl is the same. Both of them haven't produced a memorable "iconic" moment since 1991. 





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1 hour ago, President-Elect Pepe said:

Honest answer. Both iconic in their prime. Both have fallen considerably since then. Axl bad guy, Slash good guy in the eyes of the public. 


Both are complete fuck-ups in their personal lives. 


Both have wasted the best part of their careers for a variety of reasons. 

VR was a solid act, where Slash played some nice solos. Cant see any other band, where Slash would have fit in. If Dave Grohl wouldnt have been that successful with Foo Fighters, he would have been the perfect singer / drummer for a superband with Duff/Slash/Matt or Taylor. Slash and Fergie would have been also an interesting act. 


Beside that, Slash didn't miss a creative opportunity. Axl did. Axl could have gone solo, join Queen in the late 90s or simply reunite with Slash and Duff in 2004-2006. That VR album would have been Set me free, Fall to Pieces, Slither and some good stuff from CD, but with Slash, Duff, Izzy and Matt. Now, that was a missed opportunity. 

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13 minutes ago, President-Elect Pepe said:

Yeah Velvet Revolver had one good album. But it was nothing groundbreaking. The second album was shit. 

The only good song they had on that second album was Messages and they were too dumb to even put it on the proper record, relegating one of the best songs of their career to a bonus track. 

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1 hour ago, Towelie said:

The only good song they had on that second album was Messages and they were too dumb to even put it on the proper record, relegating one of the best songs of their career to a bonus track. 

Well, second album had some good moments but definitely not the better album of the two

Messages is a great song

also i love this version


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1 hour ago, Tremolo said:

But that says nothing. We all know that Slash will play the “cool guy” part while stabbing people on the back.


The guy just has better PR, that’s all.

Plus he has better work ethic, healthier relationships with other musicians and overall a more fullfilling career than to live off AFD (pre 2016)


He is a poser? Yeah

But that wasn't the point of this thread and most of the Axlites can't comprehend that fact

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