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People don’t even use their 5 senses anymore. This demonstration was quite tame. Watch the videos. Always go to primary sources. 

We lost Mags and gained Dazey.    Worst trade in history. 

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54 minutes ago, Nulla Lex Ink. said:

Presidential elections go to the House if no candidate receives a majority of electoral votes. So if enough states are unable to have their electors cast their ballots by December 12, then it could theoretically happen, but that would be a first. The other two times it happened were in 1800 and 1824. 1876 was also similar, where 20 EVs were disputed. But this didn't go to the House, and instead an electoral commission was formed to decide who would get the votes, made up of five Representatives, five Senators and five Supreme Court Justices. Partisan wise it was split 7-7 with one of the judges being independent, and the Democrats in Illinois tried to buy his vote by electing him to the senate, but instead he resigned his part in the comission and they were forced to pick his replacement from the remaining supreme court Justices, all of which were Republicans. It was decide to give the votes to the Republican Rutherford Hayes, who won with 185 to Samuel Tilden's 184. Also, the president elect wasn't decided on until three days before inauguration day, and back then it was on March 4th, so who the president would be wasn't decided on for months.


Anyways, in 1800 it was because two candidates had received a majority and tied (the system was a bit different back then, every elector had two votes and the runner up would be VP) and in 1824 it was because four candidates running kept any one from getting a majority. In that instance the second place finisher, John Quincy Adams, won thanks to help from the fourth placer, Henry Clay, who was the Speaker of the House and used his influence to persuade congressmen to vote for Adams over Andrew Jackson and William Crawford. He couldn't have them vote for him because he placed fourth and the House only gets to pick from the top three EV recipients. Interestingly, faithless vote recipients are also considered, so if for whatever reason Biden or Trump don't get a majority cast for them and a third rando got a vote cast for them, that person has just as good a chance of becoming president as the other two (hence the "This is how Bernie can still win" and President Kanye jokes)


If the House fails to elect a president by inauguration day (a majority of state delegations is required, in this case 26 of 50, all of which get one vote regardless of how many Representatives it has) then the vice president elect becomes acting president until they can elect one. I mistakenly said the other day the vice president elect would become president outright, but I was incorrect. If there is no vice president elect (who is chosen by the senators, who unlike the House all get one vote each), then it's the Speaker of the House. It's also ambiguous if the Speaker of the House would have to resign their position to become Acting President, but that's another issue entirely.

Appreciate the explanation!!!

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5 minutes ago, Bill Brasky said:

Did they even get a million people for the march ?


Has Trump done shit in the last week ?


Seems like a lot of swamp negotiations going on in the background.


Also the fact antfia has been beaten out of the city speaks to the level of weak bull shit by the lol proud boys.

they got like 12k I think

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10 minutes ago, Luis said:

they got like 12k I think

Well then it was a laughable failure and just lets the lizzards know that they can do what they want.


The dems were able to rile up so many during their riots in the summer.


Trump pulled 12k.

I bet soros is laughing over his fetus and wine tonight.

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