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We lost Mags and gained Dazey.    Worst trade in history. 

People don’t even use their 5 senses anymore. This demonstration was quite tame. Watch the videos. Always go to primary sources. 

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Biden is just there to say yes to corporate interests. If he doesn’t they bring out the sniffing kids in Ukraine file. 


Its only going to get worse, AOC wants to put the kids of Trump supporters in reprogramming camps. 

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Even as a new Democratic administration plans to seek trillions of dollars of additional spending to supplement last month’s Covid-19 relief package, economists warn of dire social and political consequences from the dramatic widening in the gap between America’s haves and have-nots. With income inequality already near the highest in at least half a century, the country’s response to the financial devastation wrought by the coronavirus raises questions about who emergency measures were designed to help, and who was left behind, they say.


“There has probably not been a better time to be wealthy in America than today,” said Peter Atwater, an adjunct professor at William & Mary who popularized the notion of a ‘K-shaped’ recovery to describe the stark split in economic fortunes. “So much of what policy makers did was to enable those that were wealthiest to rebound fastest from the pandemic.”

Mortgage rates plunged and stocks rallied following the central bank's support

Over the past 10 months, higher-income earners have, relatively speaking, had it pretty good.

Employment for the top quartile of workers -- those earning over $60,000 a year -- has already recovered above levels from a year ago, according to data from Opportunity Insights, a nonpartisan research institute based at Harvard University.

And as lockdowns gripped the nation, millions of people, especially those at the upper end of America’s socio-economic ladder, were able to redirect money they would have otherwise spent on things like entertainment, dining and travel toward savings or, better yet, investments.

For many, it has paid off handsomely. Thanks to the Fed’s efforts to prop up the economy, U.S. stocks have surged to record highs in the aftermath of the outbreak, while bonds last year rallied the most in over a decade.

Wealth Gap

The top 20% of earners own nearly all the stocks held by U.S. households

Source: Federal Reserve

Note: Chart displays holdings of corporate equities and mutual fund shares by income percentile

“If your wealth is captured by financial assets, you were back up and running in no time,” said Amanda Fischer, policy director at the Washington Center for Equitable Growth. “It’s the lowest income folks who don’t even have to file taxes that have the highest barrier to climb.”


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1 hour ago, Cigarette Smoking Man said:

30,000 troops in D.C. now...wtf 


And its being reported the right wing protestors are starting to show up in DC.


Right wing news sourrces are also reporting that trump put the troops in place to somehow over turn the election. :lol:


Will this ever end?

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