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We lost Mags and gained Dazey.    Worst trade in history. 

People don’t even use their 5 senses anymore. This demonstration was quite tame. Watch the videos. Always go to primary sources. 

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1 hour ago, Donald Trump said:

Cancel my subscribers and attentions
Send all my tweets to the house of detention

I got a notification from Twitter the other day

I opened and read it

It said they were suckers

They wanted me for their corporate fascism or whatever

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9 minutes ago, John Bonham said:

Censorship will do the opposite of eliminating right-wing paranoia and conspiracy theories, and everyone knows it

They are trying to provoke what will be called a domestic terror attack. Once that happens they will apply the shock doctrine principle and sneak in whatever laws they want with their new version of the Patriot Act. Might as well get your kicks now before the whole shithouse goes up in flames. 

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1 hour ago, Donald Trump said:

All systems go for the CIA to put a bullet through Biden’s head on Inauguration Day. 

That's a terrifying thought.

The last thing we need is a sassy corrupt multi raced chicken head with her coco butter lotioned finger on the nukes

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