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People don’t even use their 5 senses anymore. This demonstration was quite tame. Watch the videos. Always go to primary sources. 

We lost Mags and gained Dazey.    Worst trade in history. 

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Just now, Trumpy Bear said:

All lives matter... Unless it's a white Trump supporter.

Yeah Portland showed that. Trump had to send in the US Marshals to takedown that prick.

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3 minutes ago, bacardimayne said:

Vice interviewing that guy in an endearing light less than 24 hours after he executed an innocent person is still the most clown world thing I've ever seen.

Then when camera footage showed him waiting for the Trump supporters, the media and social media had collective amnesia about the whole thing. Same with ANTIFA attacking a federal building for over a month and lighting shit on fire in DC. 

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1 minute ago, Gordon Comstock said:

Log on to reddit, see top post...






...laugh and sigh, log off of reddit

stupidpol is the only good sub on that shithole and the usual suspects are starting to ruin it by demanding a "rightoid purge" every time a comment they dont like gets upvoted


plus one of the mods is an unbearable simp for china and pins propaganda about them every day (it always gets downvoted, lol)

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