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We lost Mags and gained Dazey.    Worst trade in history. 

People don’t even use their 5 senses anymore. This demonstration was quite tame. Watch the videos. Always go to primary sources. 

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Washington Post releases 5 minutes of a 40 minute phone call between Trump and the Georgia Secretary of State. Washington Post gets backlash, releases the rest of the phone call after being pressured. It of course shows how out of context the 5 minutes they released were. So now they have both Democrats and Republicans pissed at them lol.

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2 minutes ago, Cigarette Smoking Man said:

There's enough bullets in the US to kill these cunts 100 times over. And then some. 

Maybe the covid apocalypse...the guy at the next table is smelling the table for Covid or something. I’m out. 

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Just got a text from a friend saying that the shit is about to go down on Tuesday. I haven’t been following the show as of late. Is Trump playing his trump card on Tuesday? He should do whatever it takes to keep that pedophile and Chinese puppet Pedo Joe out of office. We all lose if Kamala de Vil or that piece of shit gets sworn in.

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8 hours ago, Damn_Smooth said:

Might get some retards charged with treason. But if I had to wager I'd be with you.

Nothing will happen because nothing can happen. Even if every GOP member in both houses vote to object and vote to sustain the objection they don't have enough votes in the house to reject any of the electoral votes so this all comes to nothing. 


It's basically nothing more than a calculated stunt by a bunch of spineless weasels who are betting on keeping the Trump base on side for future elections. Ted Cruz is a Harvard Law graduate and so knows better than to think anything can come of this but he's got his eye on a 2024 run and thinks that this will help him. 

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8 hours ago, ritz snare said:

The phone call was great.   I love how he implies things, like a mob boss on the phone speaking in generalities and hits.  Also though like a used car salesman. 

He’s got a new voice going.


You don’t think that? Really you don’t think that. Interesting, you don’t think that. 

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