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We lost Mags and gained Dazey.    Worst trade in history. 

People don’t even use their 5 senses anymore. This demonstration was quite tame. Watch the videos. Always go to primary sources. 

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18 minutes ago, Nulla Lex Ink. said:

Yup, Booth snuck up right behind him and shot him in the back of the head. He didn't immediately die though, he lingered through to the next morning.


VP Andrew Johnson and SoS William Seward were also targeted on the same night. Johnson's guy pussied out and got drunk instead, and Seward's guy was fought off after stabbing him a few times. The plan was supposed to be cutting off the leadership, which was stupid anyways because even if they succeeded in killing Johnson too, the President Pro Tempore of the senate would have become acting president until they could hold a new election that December (that's how it worked back then).


Also, Booth was a pretty famous actor before he killed Lincoln. That's one of those things I still find crazy, that a president was murdered by an actor. It would have been about like if Brad Pitt shot Donald Trump. Think Johnny Depp made a joke in that same vein a year or two back.

Seward was a badass.

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8 minutes ago, bran said:

There was some blue check feminist on Twitter complaining about how she would never have voted for Biden if she knew he wanted to lock us back down. I mean we fucking told you for months lol.

Stuff like that reminds me of that episode of The Boondocks where Werner Herzog is asking everyone what they like about president elect Obama, and it's superficial stuff, except whenever it gets to Grandad he says things that are the exact opposite of Obama's plans.



"I'm voting for Obama because he's gonna lower my taxes."

"Actually, he has promised to raise taxes at your income level."

"Well I also support Obama because he's against corporate bailouts."

"That is also not true."

"And he's gonna get the troops out of Afghanistan, right?"

"Also not true."

"Then what the fuck that nigga gonna do?"

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"The Dizzy Reed of Politics."

That's precious!!   Beto O'Rourke is a sackless faggot.


But he kind of has a point about the power of memes.  I honestly think the Trump Train/Pepe the Frog/KEK memes were a big, big part of Trump's win in 2016.   And don't think big tech didn't notice.


They've spent the last four years closing as many channels as possible to make damn sure that the merry pranksters couldn't spread their messages of mirth and mayhem.  A lot of voices were silenced and banned.  User comments on almost all news sites were either eliminated or moderated to the point of elimination.


The people in power don't like us plebs talking amongst ourselves.  Getting crazy ideas.   Having fun.  So they do what tyrants always do....they squashed that shit.    No more memes.  No more Pepe.  Kekistan is silenced.

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Also, reminder that some folks supported Biden over Bernie because Bernie was "too old." This despite the fact that Bernie's only a year older than him. So I guess that's why most of them will be alright with him stepping aside for Kamala, since in their eyes he'll be too old for the job in about eight days.


Y'know for about 140 years (1840 to 1980) the record age for a person entering the presidency was 68, and that was William Henry Harrison, who was considered ancient back then. In the last forty years that record has been broken three times, AND two losing nominees were in their seventies. That's not to mention all the old farts in the senate and house. It's true medicine is better and thus lifespans are longer, but even the older guys back then eventually stepped aside when they got to be a certain age and just worked behind the scenes or through their descendants. Politicians are sticking around too long nowadays. Give us some new faces to hate.


But hey, William Henry Harrison went on to have one of the least controversial presidencies in the history of our nation. Largely because he died a month into the job. Then again he was the first candidate to get a million votes, so actually, yeah, I imagine a lot of people probably were pissed at him. Never mind.

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9 hours ago, RedHook said:

This guy out fact checks the fact checkers. 


Wow, first time i've ever saw something like this

Dude is maybe a bit off with the Pedosta stuff, but at least he made the effort to look up a few things and formed his own opinion (sort of)

Especially liked the part where he talks about Kamala Harris ("that bitch is a demon"):rofl-lol:

At least he looked up Biden's racist history...

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