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People don’t even use their 5 senses anymore. This demonstration was quite tame. Watch the videos. Always go to primary sources. 

We lost Mags and gained Dazey.    Worst trade in history. 

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5 hours ago, Dazey said:


This is taken straight from the judge's opinion from Trump's latest pasting in the PA Supreme Court. Not sure if that;s quite what you're looking for but I'm trying deliberately not to quote anything from a non "official" source. :D






The important points to note are where he says



He then goes on to say 



Note that he says "failed to allege" and not "failed to prove" because none of these cases are even claiming fraud despite what Rudy and his goons are saying on any alt right echo chamber that will listen. They're not claiming fraud because the evidentiary burden is that much higher and they have no evidence.  


More specifically it's here in black and white




The next bit goes on talk about Article II and how "each state shall appoint (electors) in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may direct" it then goes on to state how they did just that long ago and directed that it be in line with the winner of the popular vote.




This next bit goes over how should the state legislature choose to break with precedent they could in theory pass a new law to allow direct selection of electors.




However even then they would be shit out of luck as the power to determine electors is conferred on state legislatures by the federal constitution which has declared that any such law must be passed and in effect BEFORE the election date so even if they were to do such a thing it wouldn't apply until 2024.




Finally they make the point that the Trump legal clown car is going after an absentee voting law that was passed under a Republican congress and under which two elections (including the house primaries :lol:have already been carried out with no complaints.


The court is basically saying that if they had a genuine problem with the no-excuse mail in ballot law then they had ample time to bring a case prior to the election. Obviously they didn't because they had no issue with any of this until their guy lost.




Gave you a like because I appreciate the response, but I don't agree with most of it.


Here's why, but let me preface it by saying neither you nor I have access to the gameplan being used to try and overturn the election results.


I have to believe they are not revealing their true strategy, just like your DNC didn't reveal the reason why they made sure Biden got the nomination over Bernie and why Biden chose someone who ripped him to shreds and labeled him a racist instead of choosing a close confidant like Susan Rice.


Bran has already done a great job of pointing out the errors that the PA judge has already made, and plenty of very reputable people such as Dershowitz has stated "the Constitution doesn’t permit anybody in the state but the legislature to make decisions about elections.”  Dershowitz then pointed out a similar scenario in Bush vs Gore where the Supreme Court overruled Florida's Supreme Court.


So why should Trump's legal team bother dicking around with the PA Supreme Court when they know it will get them nowhere? They are simply following proper procedure, let the PA Supreme Court have their say and then they get to appeal to the Federal Supreme Court.


Now you can say what you want about Rudy, how he looked like a mess at that presser (which he did) and the guy is a Yankee fan so of course there's plenty to mock, but if you watched the PA hearing last week you'd see he was very specific in his accusations with very specific numbers for each category of shenanigans. Do you really think he pulled it all out of his ass? Do you really think he'd make those claims if they were false, knowing full well he'd have to prove them at some point?


I just don't buy the "everyone challenging the election results is lying" stance. You've got several very prominent attorneys with stellar reputations all saying the same thing, the election was rigged.







I'm sure I'm missing more, but the point remains ... if they are lying about evidence or anything else, it would be career suicide.


And I also have to believe they are way sharper than you and I when it comes to election law.


I agree with you, fraud is harder to prove and more importantly it's not necessary to prove. All they need to prove is abnormalities - whatever the cause, whether it was a "glitch" or a "mistake" or whatever - resulted in thousands of invalid votes.


My understanding is they have the following types of evidence:


1) Ballots filled out by dead people, which even Tucker has written about and gave specific names

2) Thousands more ballots received than were sent out

3) Thousands of ballots received back just one day after they were sent out

4) Thousands of ballots received back the same day they were sent out

5) Thousands of ballots received back before the day they were sent out

6) Hundreds of thousands of ballots processed in such a short time period as to be physically impossible

7) Hundreds of thousands of ballots processed of which 95% were for Biden


So again I say to myself, why would they make these accusations and give very detailed numbers if they didn't have the evidence to back it up?  They would be enormous laughingstocks if they didn't have evidence.


And I haven't even brought up all the other proven issues from different states including the blocking of windows to prevent observers from observing, the denying of access to observers, the continued counting of ballots in the middle of the night after the observers were sent home, etc.


I agree they should have brought up their concerns prior to the election, rather than waiting until after. However once again there could be a reason that we don't know about. How can you prove something will happen, before it actually happens?


It's like following a shoplifter in a store, you know they are gonna try to steal something but you can't do a damn thing until they are out the door with stolen merchandise.


As for how Trump could pull it off, here's a source you shant complain about: CNN









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1 hour ago, President-Elect Pepe said:

Obama proved that the right look combined with polished speeches will allow you to get away with absolutely anything. 


He's a complete and utter fraud whose actions are the polar opposite of his statements. Yet millions the world over love him. 



True story

Back in 08 i voted for Obama  and i thought boy a black president  isn't that great. 


I falsely assumed certain groups would stop crying for reparations and people would realize that anyone under 40 had nothing  to do with segregation  and lynching. 


I really believed that we could really  move on from sins that my generation didn't do.


But flash forward 12 years later and we get blm and antfia.


So fuck you obama you sucked da bankers dick , made shit worse with China and Russia then to top it off took it in the ass from iran.


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20 minutes ago, bacardimayne said:

here's how it's all gonna go down



Darth Vader - Clarence Thomas

Rebels - Obstructing Dems

Death Star Plans - Mail-in Ballot Fraud

Princess Leia - Hillary Clinton

Clarence Thomas is going to kidnap Hilary Clinton? I can't wait.

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