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Fat Axl in Popular Culture....the Cannabis strain, the Book, the Memes, and even a Video Game

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Sounded shit in 2001, 2002, 2006 was shit too, very shit.. fuck it, he has sounded shit every fucking year since 01. He has looked shitter and shitter every year. His fans have been fatter, every year. Fat people are fucking horrible. Axl is horrible, and so are his fat fucking fans. 

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  • RedHook changed the title to Fat Axl in Popular Culture....the Cannabis strain, the Book, the Memes, and even a Video Game
35 minutes ago, RedHook said:


I just found this Fat Axl Tshirt, anybody else find anymore Fat Axl stuff for sale



Would be worth every penny if the shirt was of good quality, not some Gildan shit. Fatband's Fat Tour 2018 European leg T-shirt is still going strong w me due to good stitches and fairly thick cotton

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I was checking out the Tshirts to see if tells what type of shirt they are printed on and I found this amazing option for just $10 more.


Let the whispy hair weave wrap all around you as Axl strikes his famous hamburger head pose 😆 


This shirt will scare people into assuming the wearer is a racist nazi

White Fat Power



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9 minutes ago, Donald Trump said:

Fat Axl could be the new Bob Dobbs.




the #FatLivesMatter movement is the key to making it happen. Axl has to publicly embrace, the Fat, the Food, the Lazyness, and even the fact that he was forced to marry his Mom, because he got so fat and disgusting it caused all the attractive females to run the other way.





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2 hours ago, Gordon Comstock said:

I'd like to think I've done my part in spreading awareness. 


I've recently given away probably 2 dozen of these to friends and co-workers, and so far they've all thought it was funny.


Thanks to @bacardimayne for supplying the image a couple weeks ago. 


(edit: they're stickers. There are now several Fat Axl's on hardhats, outhouses and random job site materials around here.)



amazing, i need a pack

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