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Your favorite candy

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My parents had a candy store when I was growing up. It was heaven as a kid, especially when my Dad used to bring me to the wholesaler and let me pick out all the candy that we would then stock in the shop. 


Old style Irish candy is like crack cocaine. 




Then there are the bars. chocolates, ice creams, sodas, chips etc


The variety is endless in comparison to the crap that passes for candy in the U.S. 

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25 minutes ago, Gordon Comstock said:


Fuck yea. The white ones are good too.


I like these:



The dark chocolate ones are better than the milk chocolate ones.

anything orange flavour apart from real orange and orange juice = 🤮 

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I'm old enough to remember than when Whatchamacalit's were introduced, it was just chocolate and rice crisps.  They didn't add the caramel layer til years later, and it vastly improved the candy bar.


My favorite is this bad boy:




Fucking amazing.  They're really hard to find in my region of Ohio for some reason, so whenever I see them at some gas station or whatever I buy the entire stock.


Also, don't get an Oh Henry in Canada; it's essentially a Baby Ruth in an Oh Henry wrapper.   Fucking rip off.

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