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Band backgrounds and logos request

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dangol axl rose used to weigh 90 pounds man goin on tv talkin bout burgers n fries man an he went balloonin up man, newsman callin him geraldine or sumn, dangol mickey rourke i tell ya what man, bad i

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On 10/24/2020 at 3:19 AM, bacardimayne said:

lol brian jones




best stones

Their best album from that era was Let it Bleed, which doesn't really fit into either the Brian Jones or Mick Taylor era (Brian and Taylor only play on two songs a piece, the album is KEITH at his finest). Say what one will about Sticky Fingers, Exile or the others....But for a band in turmoil with the troubled founder who was slowly exiting, a band that was also barely on speaking terms (Mick and Keith already hated each other because Mick had fucked Keith's girlfriend, and Mick was strongly considering a solo career already - he wrote Brown Sugar on his own in 1969 and was considering doing it solo), Let It Bleed is a masterpiece. It's the Stones during a rough time, making amazing music. It's something that for example Guns N' Roses was incapable of doing.

The Stones could easily have broken up in 1969 for several reasons. There were news articles at the time that said the Stones without Brian was unimaginable - basically, for the time, it was like imagining GN'R without Izzy. It didn't seem possible, even to the band itselves which is why they didn't fire him until the last minute. Just three weeks before they did a massive photo shoot with him. Plus the Mick & Keith not speaking factor. Bill was unhappy with the growing drug scene around the band. Plus Keith now already being a full blown heroin addict in 1969.

The other albums weren't made under anywhere as much strain. Brian was sacked toward the end of the sessions in June 1969, and died during a recording session which fucked them up emotionally (and he died 2 days before the live debut of the new lineup, too, overshadowing what should've been a new start), they brought this 19 year old kid on and wasn't sure if he would work, and then had to tour the US for the first time in 3 years and it'd been their first full tour in 2 years. 


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8 minutes ago, bacardimayne said:


Cardi, you say "Brian Jones lol" but half the albums you say are your favorite Stones records are albums Brian was heavily instrumental in. Aftermath & Between the Buttons especially, most of the music you're hearing is him. LMost of those songs he's playing either a lead part or the bulk of the rhythm and sound. Satanic Majesties he's on 3 instruments in one track alone in cases. Beggar's he's on 7 of 10 and most of his contributions lift the individual songs higher.

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