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Sebastian Bach is deejaying the Van Halen station on Sirius XM now.

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3 minutes ago, ritz snare said:

Bach and Axl should form a "i can't sing anymore" tour.

You mean an "I can't sing anymore, haven't released a good album since 1987, am obese, and now spend my days posting my milquetoast political opinions on Twitter despite not even being part of the elite celebrity club that gets paid/bribed to do so" tour?

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37 minutes ago, arnold layne said:


That is like asking why the forum banner is a fucking Van Halen logo.  



That's not a Van Halen logo.  It's a Van Haggar logo.  I've tried to speak with JB about this, but he is apparently a fan of all the VH songs with "love" in the title.  The real Van Halen logo is straight, not circular. 

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9 hours ago, Frank Drebin said:

One of favourite pastimes on YouTube is watching Diamond Dave trying to sing Van Halen songs from the 2015 line-up and from the past couple of years. Sebastian & Axl are not as bad as that...yet. Dave is on Bon Jovi & Vince Neil levels.




The bittersweet part about EVH's death is that DLR won't be able to keep ruining VH shows with his horrible horrible "singing"

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On 10/16/2020 at 5:23 AM, Gordon Comstock said:

At least Baz still puts on a fun show, even though he can only play bars and maybe theatres now. Last time I saw him was a blast, I was drunk as fuck, got a bunch of high-fives from Baz throughout the show, and lost my voice for a couple days :lol:

I hate Baz's woke stance more than Axl's though. The fag is a fucking bigot.

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18 hours ago, Jeff Isbell said:

I hate Baz's woke stance more than Axl's though. The fag is a fucking bigot.



All Lies.

Just wait,

Axl & Baz's new duet version of "One In A Million" will be the single from the LIES box set that also includes this retro 80's AIDS awareness T-shirt.



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