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New Borat movie

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4 hours ago, EstrangedTWAT said:

I laughed a few times.


I was not offended, even though I always roll my eyes at political or feminist bullshit.


It wasn't as desperate as the sequels to Anchorman or Zoolander, but it was in the same vicinity.  I wonder if a lot of it was leftovers from his (failed?) Showtime series from a year or two ago.


It certainly wasn't nearly as subversive or clever as the first one, but that's well-worn territory by now.  When you see it took about 10 writers to cobble together what was a very basic and straight-forward movie, it shows how hard they were trying to be as clever as the original, but that'll never happen.  Even the supposed "real people that were duped" all felt fake as fuck.    His buddy that runs the fax machine, the two alt-right guys that take him in....what, we're supposed to believe these guys never saw "Borat?"  It all felt completely staged, and it probably was.


Like I said, I laughed a few times, but don't particularly remember where.  It certainly wasn't as memorable as the original.


And who the fuck is gonna give Rudy shit for trying to bang that hot piece of ass?  I sure as shit would've too.   She keeps touching his legs during the whole interview, he probably had whatever the old man equivalent of a hard on is.  Then she says "Hey, let's have a drink in the bedroom?"   Get the fuck out.....that's entrapment.

Oh, it’s definitely entrapment.

Also, she’s not a 15 year-old, she’s an adult playing a 15-year old. 

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Yeah, the animation was great.   She looked just like a Disney princess with enormous knockers.  Wonder if there's an edit out of there of just the animation.


Once I get a good screencap of her cartoon Melania, she's going in my thread of cartoon characters I wanna bang.

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Saw it last night, some typical, overly libshit propaganda, but what can you do? It’s basically an unspoken requirement to be able to keep working in the industry now. It was decent enough for a one time watch, but not enough side splitting laughs to warrant a whole lot of replay value like the first one did.


I do wonder how he’s actually able to get away with some of this, legally speaking. I mean I’m no where near a legal expert, but how was he able to just hijack an event for the country song, with his security team blocking the event’s staff from stopping him, with no legal ramifications? Or just busting into whatever that Mike Pence thing was through back doors and shit? And especially the much talked about Rudy Giuliani bit. I’m glad he got away with that...but how? Wouldn’t Giuliani need to sign a release of some sort for Cohen to be able to use the footage? Especially since it happened in a private hotel room? Because I doubt very much Giuliani would do that, but ok :lol:. Just curious is all, but good for him, lol.

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