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Among Us Mafia Sign-Up Thread

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yup, all the rage on twitch right now


a game called "town of salem" did the mafia party video game hype thing first, but this one seems to have a LOT more traction, EVERYONE is playing it. the main difference from mafia is that you spend the day running around doing "tasks" for the town, and while doing these tasks you can be killed by mafia. as town you have to work with the others to determine whos lying about where they last were, which tasks they were doing, etc


if town of salem was the day-z of mafia games, among us is the fortnite


i look forward to the first gnfnr game

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  • ritz snare changed the title to Among Us Mafia Sign-Up Thread

Alright I bought it.  I also bought the Polus dlc.  It's labeled "polus skin" in one place on Steam, then "polus map" in another, on the same page for it.  lol


Bacardi's on board.  Who else?  I haven't even fired it up yet. 

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I just looked at the settings.  Game's pretty fuckin basic.  Looks like 4 players minimum, 10 maximum.  And it can be a private online game, compatible with PC, iOS, Android.  So the host creates the game and drops the join code here. 


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On 9/25/2020 at 8:17 AM, bacardimayne said:



link to the latest pirated version, no installation or purchase required, everything is free and unlocked

I don't know why the hell it keeps happening bit I download the file,and my devices, (all android) tablet or phone, it keeps saying "cannot open file"

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@GnRLiars @Bill Brasky


Are you android or iOS?  I will buy a gift card and then PM you the gift card number.  Totally anonymous. 


@magisme Don't be a pussy.  I want to hear you and bacardi talk shit to eachother live.  Think about it, you two going back and forth- we could upload to youtube, monetize it, and become millionaires. 

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