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Upgrade to Version 4.5.3 and mobile app news

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I'll be upgrading the forum and the skins today to 4.5.3

fixes included:



- Custom forum icons now work correctly in themes which were previously broken
- A horizontal scrollbar issue (which happened when the topic summary was enabled) has been fixed
- Post buttons now wrap correctly on mobiles, following an issue from the last update
- Icons on the Activity Stream no longer sit on top of the mobile footer bar
- The Customizer now has a customised scrollbar in compatible webkit browsers
- Removed the border-radius from the post button bar on mobiles
- Moved the post button bar below signatures on mobiles
- Simplified the post buttons on mobiles, resulting in a cleaner layout
- Ensure “week” is translated in the Countdown timer
- A situation where double arrows were shown in the navigation bar has been fixed
- The tooltip for the light mode toggle now correctly says “Light Mode” instead of “Dark Mode”
- The box-shadow for highlighted replies now works correctly in all themes


Also, the Invision app is in Beta now, and will be included in version 4.5.3

I'll have more news on this as it develops. :bananarock:

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