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Whatever. I don't care. You guys are willing to shit on my name across multiple platforms in public and in private whenever I do something you don't like, smearing people close to me to get under my skin, literally coordinating the shit in your chats. That's all I need to know. Peace and all that, but we're not boys anymore. I hope you break away from bacardi sooner rather than later, for your sake, but we're done here.

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Mags, I also have a dead end teaching job so I'm pretty much broke.   But I need to hear more about mail order brides cause that might be my very last option in life...

That sounds like awfully a mygyno post   Being a GNR fan automatically means you're a cunt so... ALL of these communities are ruined to some extent, because the band is ruined by the fa

I'm not sure of whats going on, but did the text need to be green?

I can only hope the second wave (of the leaks) will solve this shit, for good

Once the fat AxL's at full force again WITH MATERIAL to back up the fatness of the fat man, we will be "friends" again (or at least have a common hobby: to shit on Axl whenever he deserves it)


Also, after the election, WILD things will come:smugpepe::beta:


or if some miracle happens and Fat Axl releases a fat album with full of fatness


I bet all of you fuckers will be decimating every bit of vocals etc.



We just need something NEW to happen, because like most of these uneventful times, forums fell apart and people start to eat each other alive out of pure boredom


Fuck you Axl Rose, this is all your fault


I want the FUN back in the forum, and not only just in the politics threads


These shitfeuds are more boring than KOHD performances



But i guess that's life. I will need a new (small) hobby and a new shit band to shit on:pepe:


Once again, discord ruined us. This is mygnr tier

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6 hours ago, Deadstar said:

Bacardimayne... I see you're up again. Are you losing sleep over discord, Mags, myself etc., once again? I like how you'd selectively chosen that particular post from mafia, to make it look like Mags reacted "just because,no reason". Your "friend" Brasky, and we both know you're absolutely uncapable of having any friends, was the one who'd started brutally insulting me(and no, it wasn't just mafia banter, he went too far), and in an entirely unprovoked manner- but you know this, right? I'm sure you have the rest of the screenshots, too. Wasn't it your plan to start a thread in order to mock this whole situation? But right, you're just "a spectator".lol 

If Jinx wants to talk to me she can message me herself. I don't even have an issue with her, most of the cunty shit I attributed to her back in the day was actually you. She just wooed mags with nudes or something. Cool.


6 hours ago, Deadstar said:

You're all out here and on discords, calling someone a fag, someone an e-girl, but wasn't it you who told me the gayest shit ever? I quote: "With Magisme leaving, I feel like Axl after Izzy left in 91 and now I just don't care- I'll replace him with a Gilby and become a shadow of my former self", jokes or not, I lol'd,  "You guys stole mags from me" and you went as far as to wish Deadstar to get 'breast cancer' because Mags committed this horrible sin of joining a server he barely ever posted on. You know, the same Mags who's very first posts on the mentioned server were but favorable towards you? Never once did he speak badly of you, never once badmouthed you. Not once. But no, just the fact he was there was enough for you to go into a complete meltdown and create the situation we've all been imprisoned by for a long ass time now. How many times have I personally tried to help you fix things? Mags wasn't "stolen from you", faggot, you pushed him away with your bullshit. But you don't care about any of that. You have an agenda, and this shit will only stop when you decide it should stop, yeah? FUCK YOU. 

Go do something productive, like, write a story for the next big mexican telenovela or some such thing, cause you sound just like the right guy for that sort of stuff. 

To the rest of the forum: I apologize for shitting up this place with things you guys were never meant to hear or care about, but this wasn't the first time my name was brought up, and the reaction was inevitable.

Oh that's rich, sharing PMs because I embarrassed your cuck e-bf with his public mafia posts. But yes, obviously I was playing it up and anyone with a brain could see that. Hence why I'm not surprised Labeta took it as gospel. There's no agenda, I just see a faggot doing faggot shit and have to say something. :shrugs:


PS. My wish for Deadstar to get breast cancer has nothing to do with mags, she's just a repulsive cunt the world would be better off without

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11 minutes ago, bacardimayne said:

If Jinx wants to talk to me she can message me herself. I don't even have an issue with her, most of the cunty shit I attributed to her back in the day was actually you. She just wooed mags with nudes or something. Cool.


If you want to talk to her message her yourself

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5 hours ago, magisme said:

literally coordinating the shit in your chats

me saying "we need a cyber dating thread" in jest and not making it does not add up to coordinated shit no matter how butthurt the thought makes you


tbh im actually happy for you guys, there are plenty of gayer reasons you could have joined labeta. hopefully you'll join the ranks of inthisriver/moleman, axlisold/lucrecia and miser/prozac. you're never going to get your apology or whatever it was you were demanding when i invited you to that server that one time so i guess we'll be calling eachother faggots forever, but regardless, glad you found love in a hopeless place.

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Jinxie can whine about all the agendas and shit she wants, but it's a complete misrepresentation of what's going on. The mags stuff was mostly bad timing, and blew up into a far bigger thing than I ever expected. Was what I said/did stupid? Of course, and I'll never deny that. I'm reactionary as fuck and I get absorbed in my Discord egolord character. But I'm not going to get down on one knee, kiss anyone's feet and beg for forgiveness for saying some stupid shit on a whim. I tried to make peace a few days later, he sent me some big gay message about how it wasn't enough and I needed to write a 4000 word apology essay or some shit (aka willing to reason but expecting me to do a monkey dance for him first). Yeah, no thanks. I like you but not that much. Just know I extended the olive branch and you slapped it away, so don't try to act like the big reasonable man.


EDIT: For clarity's sake, I don't care if mags wants to be friends or not. I just think at this point we should be able to at least come to enough of an accord to not destroy GNFNR with our "feud", but that's up to him and it seems he's deadset on going a certain way. :shrugs:

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2 hours ago, Budd Dwyer said:

both of you are faggots

just stfu already and be normal or fuck off to shitcord with this


really, both of your "reasoning" seems gay as fuck

It's funny, when I yelled at Skeeter, EstrangedTWAT, AxlisOld, arnold layne, etc, it wasn't a big deal, hence Mags' continued daily ass-slurping and thousands of PMs on another site when I took a break from GNFNR. It only became a problem when I yelled at him and then suddenly I'm toxic community ruiner haaaaaaater who needs to be systematically shunned by all the most butthurt forum tourists. Comes across a tad phony.


Either that or he cares way too much about some shit I said to Jinxie before they were ever close. :shrugs:

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8 hours ago, EstrangedTWAT said:

Mags, I also have a dead end teaching job so I'm pretty much broke.


But I need to hear more about mail order brides cause that might be my very last option in life...

Dude go fuck a prostitute and get it out of your system, your brains all fucked up cause you need to fuck. Once you fuck you’ll return back to a state of ignorance that allows us all to tollerate life for one more day.

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Dexter said Axl lost weight in feb 2010 and Axl wasn't fat in 2010




Nuke the shitcords please

Kill these type of "fans"


They shouldn't procreate


Anybody who say Axl wasn't fat in 2010 should have been eaten by an agnry black mob

or deserves gets served at Epstein's dinner parties as a kid

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