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What GNR song do you feel like today?

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2 minutes ago, EstrangedTWAT said:

Is there one about sleeping 14 hours a day, jerking off constantly, and just being a lazy shit?

I mean, I know that's Axl's LIFE, but did he ever make a song about it?

When you're talking to yourself...
and nobody's home

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9 minutes ago, EstrangedTWAT said:

Sometimes I feel like I'm beating a dead horse........





My dick.   Get it?   My limp, useless dick is the dead horse, but I'm still sitting here just beat beat beating away at the goddamn thing.

I bet your dick looks like betas face when she overcooks axls food, all beaten up and blue and black in color

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On 8/10/2020 at 4:02 PM, Frank Drebin said:

Not their best but I listened to remastered & cleaned up Oh My God for 2020, Trebek. 



Fun Fact: This is the only CD song without Mickey Mouse on it. I know its a distortion tool, but maybe there are other songs like Rhiad which also had this different voice in 1997-98

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