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From the band that brought you Locked And Loaded.....GREATEST HITS.....ON VINYL!!!

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God.   That looks so much like a puckered anus I thought I still had my porn tab open.

Hey kids! Do you like buying the same fucking old shit, over and over and over? Give us some more money! Here's the CD that was already a regurgitated piece of shit when it was issued over 15

Just read on mygnr he already pre-ordered this. What a cuck.

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I just opened an email from gunsnroses.com to see this burry mess of a .gif image.

What kind of idiot makes makes this shit and thinks it should be sent out to the mailing list


This gotta be Flebeis 😂



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Holy shit.



If you buy this splatter vinyl, you get....


































a free



























































signed photo



















































































































Order yours here while you still can.


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19 minutes ago, McDaddy said:


:D Now, that's a GnR superfan, I like. Is Thomas Brasky? Come on, he must be part of this forum. Dude is so funny. Even his sarcastic 'subscribe me' ending is gold. 

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