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Beta is creepy as fuck

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Axl would've been about 50 at the time, right? 50 years old and his mom says he can't date this chick.        

AXL GOT CUCKED BY HIS OWN BRAZILIAN FOSTER MOTHER.   Please add this to his wiki page.

Guys, at 1:16 he finally confirms: 'Beta is my wife' 🐸

3 hours ago, JordanRose said:

I started getting hard for a second then I remembered that pic of her son with a full on boner whilst she's adjusting his shorts. Has George Michael got a song about that?

What is the opposite of MILF btw? Right, BETA.




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4 minutes ago, Jeff Isbell said:

I just watched the RIR '01 vid where the fat fuck brought Beta onstage and was literally crying. Definitely one of the cringiest moments, though I believe the fat fuck had real emotions while Beta was shedding crocodile tears

Axl hit the Lotto when he hooked up with Izzy.

Beta hit the Lotto when she met Axl.

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