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13 hours ago, Faxl Rows said:

Has Pedo Island not been combed and investigated? 

People need to do another take on the pictures we already have. There's an interesting similarity between something you can see through a window on one of the buildings and something those torture chambers for rent discovered through the EncroChat bust were supposedly stocked with...

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If the average citizen truly comprehended how much richer than them the rich are......... then things might change. There might awaken some sort of class consciousness. These people have so

$10,000+ cabinets on wayfair with names lining up to missing teenagers wayfair is run by a billionaire with ties to the fed media not covering it, generic statement released claiming it's a

AxlisOld up to date on the mail order bride market.

20 hours ago, magisme said:

They probably found others to run the pedo rings. Epstein and Maxwell became expendable. I'd be shocked if they let her name any real names. Maybe Trump if he loses the election, but probably not, he must have dirt on people.

Whitney Webb was saying the case they are bringing against her is about procuring so who for won’t come into it. So it’s a dead end. Also they are only looking at 94-97 which means Bill is off the hook. She also said that the blackmail style Epstein was using has been outmoded by technology. And there’s some stuff about Epstein trying to break into big tech with the same thing and that’s what got him exposed. The big picture of Israel funding a big tech takeover of security and surveillance is where it leads to but Epstein was just low level enabler for bigger players like that Victoria’s Secret guy. It’s mainly the case they are bringing after trying to pretend they couldn’t find her. They must have come to a deal in which she won’t even be asked to name names just what happened in these specific cases. It will be either hard to prove or she’ll get a light sentence. It all happened 15-20 years ago. 

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On 7/11/2020 at 10:41 AM, AxlisOld said:

Isn't that about what mail order brides go for? And they have rights kinda.

mail order brides involve a lot of government red tape, traveling and money. with covid, that's another industry that's gone forever

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