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7 hours ago, EstrangedTWAT said:

At least Micheal Jackson wore fucking PANTS until he got the boys to his secret molester room.


There's Axl, on VIDEO, flaunting his bulge in his underwear right in the little boy's face.


30 years later the kid is still so fucked up, only his own mother can get him horny.

But that's (D)ifferent for Woke Fat Alex

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7 hours ago, Pappa FAT said:

can you imagine the fat fuck having sex? he could make bigger cleavage than any chick , all he has to do is squeeze his chins together the fat cunt

The fat fuck probably hasn't had sex since he got truly obese in 2011. 

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13 hours ago, John Bonham said:

If Axl Rose really wants to capture the zeitgeist of Minneapolis/BLM and the Trump Covid era, how about releasing a song?

He's a big, fucking fat pussy, and most likely, a pedophile.



Axl Rose releasing a song :awesomedance:

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