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Alex Ross Strikes Again

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A girl to one side had her legs spread wide, and Sebastian was on his knees in front of her. He was eating her out, but when I looked at the girl’s face, I realized something wasn’t right. She l

Matt had probably practiced on Duff

The more embarrassing shit that comes out the better. I don't even care if it is true. Axl deserves it.    I hope Sorum fucked Beta. You know he would. He's an animal.     

25 minutes ago, maynard said:

Well well well, so Axl was a junkie after all. @GUNNER

There was never a doubt. 

Jesus fuck, just look at him back in the day. 

Hes strung out. 


I always laughed when people vehemently said 

AXL never did hard drugs..


Ya right. 

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Something about Sorum always rubbed me the wrong way, not the privates but a different way...like he went so OTT with his drug use particularly cocaine that it has affected his psyche for the long term, that stuff messes with your wiring for sure. He seems to bullshit a lot also, I do believe him some of the time though. 

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He was a total fucking creep back in the day.

A friend told me this story (details are foggy now) about a guy he worked with who won a contest to hang with him back in the day- long story short Matt ended up fucking this guy's girl.


Unrelated, but I've always detested him, both as a drummer and physically/as a person 😃

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40 minutes ago, EstrangedTWAT said:

Yes it did.  I've been reading it for hours.  It's fucking hilarious.  It's tabloid trash.  Nothing but sex and drugs and gossip, written so poorly it makes a Trump speech sound eloquent.


And damn, Sorum is such a sassy bitch!


Dizzy Reed was
involved, but he might spend a month just hanging out at the rehearsal
space, not achieving a thing; he even slept on the couch there. He took all
the shit, and was like, “What other rock ’n’ roll bands are looking for a
piano player?” Then I guess he decided it was better to keep quiet and do
as he was told. Or maybe it was just because he had to pay child support to
the three different women he’d gotten pregnant during the Use Your
Illusion tour.



Do you have it in PDF?

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