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FERREIRA Discusses Challenges Of Playing Songs Recorded By STEVEN ADLER, MATT SORUM

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During an appearance on the latest episode of the "Appetite For Distortion" podcast, GUNS N' ROSES drummer Frank Ferrer was asked to name "the most challenging song to play" in the band's live set. He responded (hear audio below): "That's a really good question, because there's three eras in GUNS — there's the 'Appetite [For Destruction]'[era] with Steven [Adler], there's the '[Use Your] Illusion' [period] with Matt [Sorum], and then there's the Brain [Bryan Mantia]- Josh Freese 'Chinese Democracy' [era]. And all three eras are really unique. The 'Appetite' songs don't sound like the 'Illusion' songs — they don't have the same feel. So, the toughest part… I mean, in a weird way, it's almost kind of like all of 'em, especially from the Sorum-Adler era. And what I try to do as a groove drummer is try to sit somewhere in between both drummers, so you still have a punk rocky, off-the-rails kind of feel, but then a nice, solid, dependable foundation, like Sorum gives you. So, it's kind of challenging. Now, the 'Chinese Democracy' stuff is more straight ahead. The challenges I have with that is playing it more like Brain played them, even though I was able to add some stuff myself later on, once I joined the band."

He continued: "The toughest part is finding the right groove in between those two eras — the first two eras — I think. And I think especially with Slash[guitar] and Duff [McKagan, bass] in the band now, because it was their era — they wrote that stuff; it's their music — I'm able to find a nice spot where those guys are really comfortable playing the songs, but I'm also comfortable playing from my heart without being cerebral and having to think too much about the parts. So, I would say somewhere in between those two drummers."

full fat:



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15 minutes ago, Bill Brasky said:

Frank might be actually the worst member talent wise ever in GNR.


Mind you Ashba and Pittman were also in GNR ( cringe ) but I stand by my statement.

Melissa is also plain useless. An unpopular opinion but I kinda like Ashba

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Shit Franks drumming 101

Play everything way too fast with no pocket so nobody can lock in or get in any kind of groove.

That way everybodys lost, everybody fucks up, and everybody sounds like shit right along with me.

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