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Is Joe Biden's campaign the worst of all time?

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Canadians saying Joe Biden plagiarized parts of his DNC speech from Jack Layton.  

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16 minutes ago, John Bonham said:


You can tell how badly Jack is astroturfing this shit too. The top picks are all gushing about this but when you go further and further down it is people having meltdowns that have more likes than some of the ones on top lol.

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12 minutes ago, bran said:

Tulsi Gabbard should be the face of the Democrat Party in 2024, but they will go with some insane tranny or something.

Can't wait for Tulsi to be blamed for Harris losing when her debate criticisms are just as effective in the general as they were then. You know the real scary thing? There's a good chance they might try to float Kamala despite the loss (again, bizarro world), and Republicans have a tendency to nominate previous second placers, so 2024 could be... Oh god...


Ted Cruz vs. Kamala Harris.



(side note, this: http://www.chicagonow.com/mom-think-poignant/2019/07/even-kamala-harris-father-hates-her-pandering-behavior/ - Remember this? The article is kinda trash, but it gets the point across. Even her own father thinks she's a pandering dick head)

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I'm just waiting for the media to figure out and finalize what both Biden and Harris are. Either they are a progressive or a moderate, there isn't much middle ground there.

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1 hour ago, bacardimayne said:

that right tweet might be the worst thing i've ever read


"Kamala Harris is the most progressive VP nominee in American history"


fuck me



Yeah, well that's just Talcum X's opinion.   A white guy that made a career on pretending to be black, but unlike that Rachel Dolezol broad, he's still at it.

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