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Is Joe Biden's campaign the worst of all time?

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biden is finished, trump has the black vote now

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Didn’t a group of blm-esque people put out a weird hostage video for their support if Biden dares accepts anybody but a BLACK woman? If their progress quotas get cock blocked Biden is fucked.


Maybe the reason he’s taking so long making a VP choice is because he’s asking himself if poor women really are as smart as white women. And then proceeds to forget what he just asked himself.

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11 minutes ago, Facekicker said:

Accepting that position is probably the death knell for any political career. 


Nobody in their right mind would want it because Dems know they are going to lose. 



He's gonna pick his wife, Dr. Jill Biden :bumblefoot:

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11 minutes ago, McDaddy said:

wait did that actually happen


holy fuck lol biden

at the first Democratic debate, Kamala got up his ass over a position he held in the 70s on segregated schooling. It's where the embarrassing "and that little girl was me" quote stems from. He defended it with "muh states rights", and they both looked horrible.

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