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Is Joe Biden's campaign the worst of all time?

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Canadians saying Joe Biden plagiarized parts of his DNC speech from Jack Layton.  

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11 minutes ago, McDaddy said:

wait did that actually happen


holy fuck lol biden

at the first Democratic debate, Kamala got up his ass over a position he held in the 70s on segregated schooling. It's where the embarrassing "and that little girl was me" quote stems from. He defended it with "muh states rights", and they both looked horrible.

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How weak does it make Biden that he won’t go to the dnc circle jerk? Not even virtually? Trump should pounce on that. A man wants to lead, but has been bunkered down in hiding like a little bitch while Trump’s been out there battling the press day in and day out? Fair or not, it should make for some pretty interesting attack ads.


and the consensus is that Kamala hurts more than helps it seems...


should be hilarious...

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I mean all the dumb shit Biden has said even in recent weeks about the black community paints him in a pretty bad light.


The question is if Americans as a whole will see through him picking a black woman (the worst one he could’ve picked, apparently) as the insincere politically pandering bullshit that it is. It could backfire so hilariously hard.

Then again, so many are fixated on the “importance” of progress quotas they might just give him a pass regardless, because lolnottrump. Hard to tell right now.

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Christ alive.


Oh well. At least this means that when the ticket loses she probably won't be seen as a viable candidate in the future. Typically if you're on the bottom end of a losing ticket you don't get tapped again, and if you do you probably don't win. Although the one exception was a pretty big one (FDR), but the other two were Walter Mondale and Bob Dole. Then again we live in some bizarro world where Biden got tapped as the nom, so she'll probably be the pick for 2024, I don't know.


Anyways, now a new question has arisen: Who will Kamala pick to be her running mate when Joe has to step aside due to "unforeseen circumstances"?

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1 minute ago, bacardimayne said:

only in fat america could a party tout "defunding the police" while simultaneously nominating a literal corrupt cop as their VP

And their Presidential Nominee a old, rich, white guy who's biggest contribution was a law that led to thousands of black men being thrown into prison. I think Trump really needs to drive this point home, Biden's crime bill that he is "proud of" included laws built purely on racism. If you had a few crack rocks on you, those were major felonies that carried massive prison sentences because of Biden and the crack epidemic hit the black community the hardest. Yet you could have grams of powdered cocaine that all these white actors and musicians were using in the 1980s, and get a slap on the wrist even though the actual weight in cocaine was way more than what was in the crack rocks.

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