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Matt Sorum’s new book 📖

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10 hours ago, RedHook said:


"Sorum revealed he used to be a drug smuggler before his rock star days, taking cocaine across borders by strapping pounds of the powder around his waist.


It’s the perfect time for Sorum to be opening up about his past, as the drummer is currently writing his autobiography. Having written an estimated “thousand pages” so far, Sorum is promising big things for the book, calling it “the juiciest of the juiciest of the GN’R books.”

Sorum came right on board to witness Axl's transformation from a cool hick rocker into a weird Trent Reznor wannabe holed up in Malibu crying over Stephanie Seymour. I really hope Matt doesn't hold anything back on that era of the band and makes Axl look as bad as possible.

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Matt was a free flowing coke junkie who used to sniff cocaine off the backs of prostitutes so it will be interesting what he remembers from the classic era. Didn't the Velvet Revolver guys all dip into the oxycodones? Ego's galore in Velvet Revolver? Without Axl Rose present...no fucking way! 



"Axl Rose added fuel to the fire (band relations) by releasing a press release' Slash!! You junkie toothed fuck you were pissed out your head & drove up to a guys house you had not seen in years, mentioned him in the press every two minutes & called out your bandmates at the time...and yet after Axl pulled a chess like move, its all his fault? 



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Yesterday I continued reading Matt's book ... I had read a few pages months ago ... and I am reading some chapters. quite interesting reading.


Currently reading about the stories of the times that GnR existed (really) is much more interesting than listening to their music these days.

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